Dee shared with us: “The very first night, l experienced the presence of GOD at bedtime. Reconnecting with the HOLY SPIRIT has brought me back to a deeper walk with Him. Thank you, thank you. “

Led by the Holy Spirit and with boldness, Sue ministered the love and grace of our Lord Jesus Christ to a complete stranger she saw on the street: “I do want to say that I have been filled with a ‘new’ boldness in reaching others for the sake of the gospel and to help others be encouraged in their relationship with Jesus.”

Pam experienced the wonderful peace of God despite the stress all around her at the office. Her colleagues at work even noticed the change in her.

During the time of healing prayer at the end of the Sunday session, Sister Fritzi’s chronic back pain left. Later she discovered that her height had increased by 3/4″!

Donna wrote: “This weekend was amazing and my spine was healed and my bones and muscles were made stronger. Although, I was not able to attend the Friday session it was Saturday and Sunday when I could feel I was being restored. The Lord healed me 🙂  Today, I am walking without my back brace and carrying my cane only when in a crowd. I’ve felt so good that I was able to participate last night, with our Prayer Team at Encounter God Bible study 🙂  It occurred to me last night as I was praying over others that I had no pain whatsoever!! Today, I only felt a slight tightness and had greater movement and mobility.”

Tom shared: “ I also experienced a great peace, comfort, and what I believe was the presence of God when prayer was offered and hands were laid on me.”

During the Retreat, we prayed over Jane and James for healing from malignancies. A few days later Jane texted us the good news that there had been a definite change, and that a subsequent report from their doctor confirmed it. She wrote: “When you prayed for both James & me sitting on the stage outloud, it was the most powerful prayer that has ever been said over us!! God was praying for us through you!!!! IN JESUS NAME!!!! Several in the audience stood & lifted their hands toward us in agreement!!! IN JESUS NAME!!!!”