On April 8, 2015 a fruitful servant of God in Africa named Nadjombe departed for our Father’s House in heaven. During a 2002 mission trip to Togo, West Africa hosted by his supporter Dr. Paul Rains, we had the privilege of training Brother Nadjombe with The Elijah Challenge. By the end of his earthly walk, he had planted nearly 400 more churches to total 435 churches altogether.

The tribute below was composed by Missouri-based Dr. Paul Rains.

431 churches planted in 12 years following The Elijah Challenge Training in West Africa




Nadjombe Gone Home to Heaven, April 8, 2015

It was November 2000. We landed in Accra, the capital of Ghana in West Africa. We were on our way to the next country east, Togo. We were to meet a man by the name of Nadjombe who, with a group of fellow laymen, had started over 50 churches in the bush of Africa.

We hired a driver who took us the two-hour trip to the border of Togo. It was warm and after we made our way through the bustling crowds who were merging into the lines of customs officials, we were eventually cleared to walk along the coastal seaside and go by foot into the country of Togo. After mingling with throngs of people on our slow progress we finally achieved our rendezvous with Nadjombe.



This thin tall black man with a warm and engaging smile shook my hand with some vigor. When he learned that I had never set foot on this continent before he declared with joyful confidence, “I’m going to show you Africa!”

For the next two weeks he indeed did just that. My two traveling associates and I followed Nadjombe from one village to another in rapid succession. We spoke in churches that were newly formed. Some consisted of 8 or 10 people and some several hundred. We experienced new cultures, food that was different, and the exhilarating joy of poor people who were newly rich in the joy of the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ.



Nadjombe quickly became my friend. He has been here to my home twice. He spoke in some of the churches in my area. In one particular Methodist Church he actually preached his first sermon in English.

We communicated regularly. I did what I could to help him in prayer and in finances with the important work of starting new churches in unreached villages. The attempts of Muslims to overtake some of these small villages were thwarted by the planting of young churches. How wonderfully these churches multiplied!

When I first met Nadjombe there were about 50 new churches that he and his team planted. Today there are 435 churches!

Nadjombe was a man of prayer. He would routinely wake up in the middle of the night to pray and then go back to sleep. Frequently he would go to his “prayer mountain” where he would spend an extended period of time – sometimes days. He would pray for the ministry, his family, and friends. He would pray victoriously against satanic attacks that tried to hinder his ministry. And God granted him the favor of victory and success.


CLICK on this photo for a document describing the history and work of Nadjombe’s ministry.

Nadjombe was not rich in money. Nadjombe was wealthy in the spiritual blessings of God’s grace. He was one of the most successful men I have ever known. Success being measured by fulfilling God’s purpose. I know many people who have great material wealth who have not come close to reaching the level of success in life that Nadjombe experienced.



We who worked with him will miss him dearly. I will miss him. I miss him already.

The work that he started continues. The country of Togo has been divided into 12 areas each having a director. Although he is not here, Nadjombe’s work continues.

For now let us pray for his family and his coworkers in Togo.

For those of you who have been a part of his work, thank you. Please continue your prayers and contribution for this tremendous work of evangelism and church planting that Nadjombe has so effectively begun.

God bless you.

Paul Rains





Nadjombe Holding His Payment

Frontier pastors such as Nadjombe are often supported in unique ways. Once I was with Nadjombe in a small village when a couple of dedicated church members wanted to bless him with a chicken. They handed over to him the live chicken. I heard the noise of that chicken for the next 100 miles as we returned to Nadjombe’s home.


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