Teaching for RADICAL DISCIPLES of our Messiah Jesus on YouTube


Dancing on the Edge of the Earth – https://youtu.be/co-8tqytFig


Earthly & ETERNAL Rewards for Disciples – https://youtu.be/YSOiduvKPEM.


REWARD in the Next Age for Radical Disciples (Part 2) – https://youtu.be/Ad58U9sY8VE.


REWARD in the Next Age for FRUITFUL DISCIPLES – https://youtu.be/vFsnqjycb5M.


THE BAPTISM IN THE HOLY SPIRIT – https://youtu.be/tdK0T17mVbg.


Why God’s People FAIL to enter the PROMISED LAND – https://youtu.be/AJsD1uCnRto.


RADICAL GRACE to EXCEL like Paul – https://youtu.be/xma7ePaH1cg.


How can we INSULT the Spirit of GRACE? – https://youtu.be/FoOfjrpRTN0.


The Theology of Helplessness – https://youtu.be/M-wOdjPQbgk.


“Be PERFECT as your heavenly Father is PERFECT” – https://youtu.be/d4ubTvvkceQ.


Jesus teaches His disciples to say “NO” – https://youtu.be/efY5BYHgTbk


STARTLING Revelations from the Parables of Jesus – https://youtu.be/bA9FEy8PRYY


VERY STARTLING Revelations from the Parables – Part 2 – https://youtu.be/IUlNcs-0RwU


“You are like a branch that is thrown away and withers” – https://youtu.be/rVfyDz4biKA


Where’s God’s grace to the seven churches of Revelation? – https://youtu.be/zrBQkYZsXyw


Jesus’ sobering messages to the churches in Thyatira & Sardis – https://youtu.be/fcXuM5Tp3gw


The Nicolaitan Teaching & Laodicean Church – https://youtu.be/NR7-1FnjruU


Why does Jesus HATE the teaching of the Nicolaitans? – https://youtu.be/2x1amHDbfg8


The Reason why the Church is so WEAK Today – https://youtu.be/vjEJ-UukAPY


The teaching of the Nicolaitans – Part 2 – https://youtu.be/98SjTrHJsZg


The Nicolaitans and the Origin of Darwinism & Socialism – https://youtu.be/9QvIbOYYNks


“You hate the practices of the Nicolaitans WHICH I ALSO HATE” – https://youtu.be/0yef3dDmVm4


Can Nicolaitan “freedom” prepare the way for the Antichrist? – https://youtu.be/f_qGwjUa6Ug


Many healed at Evangelistic Rally in Bangkok, Thailand – https://youtu.be/r2vXgS9a7b0


The teaching of the Nicolaitans and the Antichrist – https://youtu.be/vEsYB99yPVI


Prophetic events to take place during these VERY LAST DAYS – https://youtu.be/xmd76MmkXWk