“We were in Singapore and had just completed a concise TEC training for a group of Christian ladies. These sisters were from the upper echelon of society. They shocked us by coming to the training in Ferrari, Jaquar and Bentley etc. One has to be very rich to vehicles such as these – especially in Singapore where cars are extremely expensive. Many of these ladies testified that even though they had everything money could buy but their souls were empty. They found their meaning in life when they came to know the Lord through these small groups started by two ladies. These “Tai Tai” groups have reached out to many “Tai Tai” (Rich ladies) and got them saved.

Reports from Albert Kang

By Rev Albert Kang, Elijah Challenge Asia Coordinator

March 2015

The ladies were really on fire for the Lord and during the training, they successfully ministered healing to each other. Numbness in both arms got healed instantly. Frozen shoulders were released and freedom of movement returned. Chronic back pain left immediately. The lady who suffered that back pain was at first a little skeptical but she became a real believer of the healing power of God after her long-term back pain left her completely after the fourth command. Arthritic knees and joints were healed…etc. Apparently God is opening doors for Elijah Challenge to minister healing miracles to these people from the high society.

It was through the recommendation of Brother Khoo Boo Tiong that we were able to minister to these ladies. During this trip to Singapore, Brother Khoo also drove us to minister to two families – one had a daughter who was being oppressed by demons and another was a cancer patient. Previously, Bro Khoo had also arranged for us to conduct a concise TEC training at the only Charismatic Methodist Cell Group of the Upper Room Ministry. This is the Charismatic Church unit within the famous Barker Road Methodist Church that just celebrated her 130th Anniversary last Sunday. We were invited back again to train the members their mission team to India on how to minister healing.. The team reported many miracles during their trip as they applied what they had learned from The Elijah Challenge. Subsequently, as part of his hands-on training, Brother Khoo joined us when we were invited to conduct a TEC healing seminar at Shekinar Community Centre in Ipoh, Malaysia. He personally ministered healing to many and saw very good results.

Brother Khoo was also a recipient of God’s healing power too. In 2011, while on a mission trip to the Philippines, he and his team went up to Baguio to visit the President of my Bible college – Asia Pacific Theological Seminary. I happened to be the guest there and so we got to talk about the healing power of Jesus. Brother Khoo was deaf in one ear for over four years. During the demonstration of God’s power, I asked the team leader, Brother Benjamin, to put his finger into Brother Khoo’s deaf ear and to follow after my words of command. Brother Khoo’s ear was instantly healed. From that day, he dedicated himself to serve the Lord, doing ministry with signs and wonders. We have appointed Brother Khoo Boo Tiong to be The Elijah Challenge Coordinator for Singapore.”