Reports from Albert Kang

30 December 2007
Sunday – 10.45 AM

Above a popular seafood restaurant at Kelana Jaya is a vibrant little church known as Zoe Christian Fellowship. Under the leadership of a lady pastor, Pastor Elin, two capable elders, Brother Wong and Brother Andrew and one deacon, Brother Lee, the congregation of seventy plus people is ready to grow to a higher height. They had invited me to conduct a Church Growth Seminar which was held on the evening of 28 December and from 9 in the morning to 5 in the evening on the following day which was a Saturday.

After learning the principles of Church Growth, the 25 participants were taught how to use Force Field Analysis and figure out what were the factors that have either hindered or helped their Church growth. The participants had divided themselves into four teams to discuss about the different possibilities of church growth.

During the presentation, every team pointed to one glaring factor that hinders their growth and that their Church is situated on the third level without the benefit of an escalator. Elderly people, people with infirmities, pregnant ladies and even those with young children would find attending the church difficult.

At the end of the seminar, I showed the leaders some basic principles of The Elijah Challenge so that they would be ready to help me with the healing ministry on Sunday’s morning service. I emphasized on the three anointings upon the Church – namely Priestly Anointing, Prophetic Anointing and Kingly Anointing. They agreed that the modern Church uses mostly the first two anointings but has left out the Kingly Anointing or at least not used it enough. I shared about the difference between healing the sick and praying for the sick. Then they were told to open their eyes whenever they take authority over the diseases and demons. By six in the evening, everybody was already tired after having spent almost seven hours in the seminar plus this discussion.

Sunday came quickly. Grace and I were back at Zoe Christian Fellowship at 10.30 AM. A blind brother with an exceptional voice led the worship service which was conducted both in English and Mandarin. He had two ladies and one young man backing him up in singing. About 70 people had turned up and they really enjoyed worshipping the Lord. The preliminary was short and soon it was time to preach. I had asked the Holy Spirit for a message and it was to be the building of absolute faith in Jesus as the Saviour and Healer.

After a brief introduction by Elder Wong, I was given the pulpit that was actually a stand for music notes. My anchor scriptural verses were from Luke 10:17ff. As I looked at the congregation, I realised why my message was about faith because there were people who came to this service, expecting to be healed. In fact, that morning, we had to pass a slow-moving elderly lady who laboriously climbed up the three long flights of steps to be healed. (She was to become the second person to be healed that day). During the sermon, I joked that even a healthy person would need healing after climbing such long flights of steps.

I was happy that the congregation was laughing at some of the funnier illustrations. However, since building faith was the essence, every line of reasoning was presented so as to lead the congregation to act out their faith. Finally, it was time to demonstrate the power of Christ to heal the sick. The leaders who were briefly trained the previous night joined me at the front of the church.

The call was made for those who had infirmities to come forward. Initially, the congregation was a little hesitant – most probably wondering whether I was joking. When I persisted, people began to stream to the front. Chairs were brought for two elderly ladies who had arthritis in their knees. (One of them was the elderly lady whom we passed along the stairway). The rest who were younger were allowed to stand and lay hands on themselves.

Grace and I took turn to give the command for healing and by the grace of God, the healing began. The elderly ladies were healed instantly and the pain in their knees was gone. Another younger lady because of the pain in her knees was also sitting in a chair upfront. After the command, she testified that the pain in her legs was gone too. A lady with pain in her forearm was healed even without the laying on of hands.

By this time, the faith of the leaders was highly charged and they were laying hands on the infirm and taking authority by themselves. A group of leaders were taking authority over a lady’s back-pain but to no avail. I noticed they paused for a while and then continued with renewed vigour. To help them, I called for the congregation to join force and add faith to those taking the authority. However, I was too late. The lady was already healed and on the way up to testify. Another man had a pain in his lower back and by the name of Jesus, he received immediate healing. There was an unbeliever who was seeking healing. She had this “sound” in the right side of her head. The leaders were taking authority but there was no result. The “woo woo” sound persisted. Since by that time, this lady was the only one left to be healed, I went down and laid my hand on the affected area and commanded it to be healed. Then suspecting this to have a supernatural reason, I also commanded the spirit of infirmity to go… in the name of Jesus. The result was instant – the lady began to smile. The persistent noise in her head was suddenly silenced. What a joy to see the power of Jesus in operation. This lady subsequently was led to accept Christ by Pastor Elin.

It was a rewarding Sunday – especially when a soul is saved and the infirm healed. I have been asked to conduct by the leadership of Zoe Christian Fellowship to conduct Elijah Challenge Model of End-time Evangelism in the near future. All glory to God!

The leaders who were briefly trained join Pastor Albert to heal the sick

Congregation responded to the altar call

Pastor Albert commands the diseases to go in the name of Jesus

Two elderly ladies waiting to be healed

Taking authority over the diseases

Lady healed of pain in the forearm

Elderly lady healed of pain in her knees

2nd elderly lady healed of pain her knees

Lady healed of pain in her legs

Pastor Elin (right) with 2 leaders taking authority over the back pain

Lady with back pain healed

Man gives thanks to God for healing his back

Commanding the noise in the head to cease in the name of Jesus

Lady healed of noise in the head

Pastor Elin leads the lady to accept Christ as Savior

12 Nov 2007 – Doctor Healed Instantly

Since 5th November, my right eye became inflamed and bloodshot. This was due to the reaction of an inherited auto-immune disease known as Ankylosing Spondylitis. The white blood cells misdiagnosed my eye to be a foreign object and sought to get rid of it. This kind of inflammation only happened to me once before and this time, it was serious. Grace and I took authority over the eye but the inflammation did not go away. The members of our Cell Group did the same but the redness in the eye did not go away. We were terribly disturbed by our lack of faith to remove this stubborn mountain.

Calling one of our Church members, who works in a local hospital, I was able to get an appointment to see an Ophthalmologist. However, the previous eye specialist that treated me was not available and another one was recommended. This lady doctor is a Christian and when she found out that I am a pastor, she was very happy. She said that on many occasions, she would ask the patients if she could pray for them first before treating them.

After the check-up, I was given eye ointment and other medication and was told to come back in one week’s time. When I went to pay my bill, the kind doctor had not included her consultancy fee in it. She had blessed me with free consultation worth RM 100 to RM 150.

On 12th November, Grace came with me because she was eager to interview a doctor for her an article in her magazine. She never got to interview the doctor but little did she realize that God had something more important than interview for her.

The doctor checked my eye and found that it had fully recovered. Then Grace and I shared with her about our ministries and also The Elijah Challenge. The doctor then asked whether all diseases are related to particular sins. She explained that she had been suffering from very painful joint pain at the knees and a book, that she had read, indicated that she had an unforgiving spirit. She should forgive and then the knees will be healed.

We told her that not all diseases are linked to particular sins even though they are definitely linked to the Original Sin. Then we challenged the doctor, “What if we were to heal you then would you believe that not all diseases are linked to particular sins?” She looked at us with sincere brown eyes and said that she was willing to be healed in the name of Jesus.

As Grace laid her hands on the doctor’s knees, I placed my hands over Grace’s hands. Grace then gave the command in a firm voice of authority while I followed with similar firmness in my voice. The miracle happened instantly. Her pain was gone and she stood up in amazement. Walking to the table where her equipment was, she took hold of the table edge for balance and began to squat.

“I could not do this before!” She exclaimed. We clapped in appreciation of God’s grace and mercy. She squatted again just to test the validity of her miraculous cure. After that, we told her a little more about Elijah Challenge Seminar and she invited us to come and conduct it at her Church.

We praise God for sending Pastor B. to teach us about the authority to heal in the name of Jesus. We are now able to not only preach but demonstrate the power of God to heal and save souls.

We also praise God that He continues to open new doors of ministry for us. His ways are higher than our ways – imagine – without my inflamed eye, Grace and I would never have the opportunity to meet this wonderful doctor and the possibility of ministering at her church. All glory to God in the highest!


Reported by
Rev Albert Kang
Elijah Challenge Asia