Reports from Albert Kang

28 October 2007
Sunday – 9.30 AM

Sunday morning found Grace Charismatic Centre in Kuantan packed with eager parishioners. Many had brought friends and relatives. Some of them were infirm and had to be carried up the stairs into the sanctuary. A group of siblings, who were saved during their father’s recent funeral, also turned up in full strength. The church was saturated with the presence of the Holy Spirit as the people worshipped God with all their hearts. After the worship, the young people put up a little pantomime portraying the love and forgiveness of God. Then it was time to preach the Word of God with Sister Rose as my interpreter again.

I shared about the importance of living an obedient and holy life. Using the “Love Jesus Test”, the congregation were made aware behaviours and misdeeds that were not pleasing to God. After leading them to memorise the Ten Commandments, I delineated every commandment and showed how each was to be applied in daily living. The warning from the Lord is that not all who call Him Lord would enter the kingdom of God. Only those who have accepted Him as the Saviour, obeyed His commandments and lived a repented life can make it to heaven. I mentioned that some Christians were still stealing from their places of work while others were involved with various acts of sin. Some were flirting even though they were married people. There were those whose hearts were full of hatred and bitterness. Many still coveted after worldly things. It was a time of confession as the people responded to the call. I led them in a prayer of repentance and confession.



Prayer of repentance

Moving from taking authority over the flesh, I quickly explained to the non-believers that how Jesus could heal them. All they needed to do when healed was to acknowledge Jesus as their Saviour. By this time, the Elijah Challengers had come forward and taken their positions. A row of chairs was placed in the front for the infirm to sit and be ministered. An elderly man in the wheelchair was also pushed forward by his family members. He looked very weak and forlorn, drooling from his mouth. After everybody was ready, I had different people giving the command. Pastor Richard, Sister Rose and my wife, Grace, took turn exercising their authority and commanding the diseases to leave in the name of Jesus.

Grace commanding the infirmities to go in Jesus’ name

Trained believers taking authority over the diseases

Our fellow workers, Brother Alvin Chong and Sister Maggie were assisting in anyway they could. They were taking authority, giving instructions and encouraging the newly trained Elijah Challengers to continue when the challenges became tough. As expected, the infirm were rapidly getting healed and the healing confirmed by loud applause bursting out in different quarters. There were quite a few elderly people who were healed of arthritic pain in the joints. Fingers, hands, wrists, shoulder-joints and knees were all healed in the name of Jesus. Many who testified stretched and bended to prove that they were healed. People with intense headache, stomach ache and back pain testified of instant relief. Eye, nose and throat ailments were also dealt with. The elderly man in the wheelchair stood up and walked. His family members were so thrilled because previously he could not even stand up lest walk. See photo below.

Elderly stroke victim gets up and walks

The Sunday service had become a miniature healing rally. The service could not conclude on time as Elijah Challengers were still exercising their new-found authority to heal the sick and share the Gospel with non-believers. It was a great Sunday of ministry and we adjourned to rest up for the healing rally conducted in the evening at Kuantan Baptist Church.

Elijah Challengers Alvin & Maggie Chong

Reported by:

Rev Albert Kang
Elijah Challenge Asia