SO MANY HEALINGS through our Lord Jesus Christ!!  He is revealing Himself as we step out in faith. 

 Kim is the name of the woman that Jesus healed of breast cancer.  She is fine with letting others know….

 Here are a couple of other testimonies:

 Rosemary and I were at Bagel Café with some other ladies.  We were talking about the Lord and all of His work being done.  After a while, a lady that had been sitting behind our table came over and commented that she was excited to hear ladies talking about Jesus.  She revealed to us that she was on the way to the doctor for some tests.  She was having pain in her arm also.  Rosemary and I asked if she would like this group of ladies to pray for her and she did.  After praying, we asked her if she would like her arm to be healed in the name of Jesus. She said yes, so Rosemary and I commanded healing in the Name of Jesus. 

Yesterday, at church, one of the friends of this lady, stopped me and told me that her friend had called her and received healing in her arm – no more pain.  We gave the glory to our Father in Heaven.  May many more come to know Him through the healing power and authority of Jesus!

 Another day last week, Rosemary, He Sook, and I went to Katy Mills Mall to walk around and ask people if they would like prayer. Some did and some didn’t.  We did come across a lady who believed that ‘all gods are the same god’ and our Jesus is the same.  She prayed to Allah and wanted to love the whole world. After talking with her quite a while (Rosemary was very bold and spoke the truth to her about our God and our Jesus and that He is the only One and there is no other), we asked her if she had any pain in her body.  She didn’t at first and then said that her shoulders and neck have been hurting. 

We asked if we could command healing in the Name of Jesus over her.  She agreed.  We put our hands where the pain was and commanded it to leave in the Name of Jesus.  Afterwards, we asked her how she was feeling.  She said it was so much better and lighter feeling.  We told her that it was Jesus who healed her.  She said, “Oh yes, I believe in Jesus,” but we realized that she was talking about her ‘all-in-one’ jesus – not our One true Jesus.  We will go and visit her again soon as the Lord leads.  May the Father open her eyes and her heart to see Him and Him Alone! 

 Praising God for all of His miraculous ‘signs and wonders’ in these last days so many will come to know Him, know Him better, and tell others about Him!