Subodh’s Sharing on our Orphans Girls – February 11, 2018

“Greetings to you in Jesus’ precious name.

I would like to share about a very important incident which took place in Orissa few months ago. There was a Dalit girl  studying standard 9th in Kunduli, Koraput, Orissa. She was supposed to submit her passport photo to the school so she wanted to go to home to take the photo. While she was on the way there were four police men who gangraped her just near to the school.

This incident became a national issue. The public and the media put pressure on the government to arrest the policemen who committed the crime. But after around two months the police did not arrest anyone.

Then the family and the villagers reached out to a human rights group in Bhubaneswar asking for the suspects to be arrested. But the government police were themselves involved.

When the government could not give her justice, the girl committed suicide last week after sharing a video message. Then it became a very big issue. The people of Orissa stepped forward to support the girl, protesting everywhere in Orissa. 

A special human rights for women team from New Delhi came to the village and collected information in order to find out the identity of the culprits and to arrest them.

I am writing all this because in India women are not safe: they are exploited sexually, socially, morally and in every area of life—even by the police who are supposed to protect and provide security for women.

Rosy and I request that you all pray for our precious orphan girls for their safety and security while going to school and coming back from school. Our orphanage is going to complete five years this month on the 18th. From what I can see our girls are more active than our boys. For the past three years onward our girls have been receiving various awards from district and state dignitaries. If they receive more opportunities, they will do more.

The way our children are growing and developing, especially our girls, certainly they will bring transformation in our society. Our area is full of educated and high caste Hindus, but they are really happy for the development of our children.

Years ago when we first started the orphanage, we were thinking it might not be good for us to keep the girls as it is a risky job here in India. But now we feel it is a challenge for us to build them up and give them a bright future so that someday thousands of lives will be transformed through their ministry.

We would like to ask you all to uphold us in your daily prayers, and help us to take in more girls in the future so that they can have great impact on our society.

Thank you so much for your support for the children. They are so happy and enjoying themselves, and remembering you all.”


Subodh and Rosy

Based on this report, we have added 15 orphans girls for a total of 45 boys and girls as of 2018