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Servants of God from “Spirit-filled” or charismatic backgrounds and denominations generally claim to know how to minister healing. Many of them may in fact have had some exposure to or training in ministering miraculous healing. But when they actually attempt to minister healing, few miraculous healings take place for the most part. They generally fall far short of what is recorded in the gospels. Why is that?

It is because they were trained to minister healing according to their denominational tradition and not according to the pattern laid down by Jesus Christ in the gospels. When servants of God are trained to minister healing as Jesus did and as he taught and commanded his disciples, we begin to see the fulfillment of Jesus’ promised in John 14:12. They begin to do the miraculous works that Jesus did. This is what the Lord has called The Elijah Challenge to do.

One Elijah Challenge-trained servant of God in Asia testified:

“I had [this] experience with our missionaries from [a charismatic denomination in the] USA. I offered to share The Elijah Challenge with them, but they avoided the topic. They claimed that they knew how to minister healing. During this trip to Singapore, God opened the door.

My wife ministered to the missionary wife in Jesus’ name, and healed her of her arthritic knees. The pain left immediately. Then we got the missionary husband and a couple of other believers to minister to a Singaporean pastor who was present. The numbness in the pastor’s feet left completely after 3 rounds of ministry.

The Singaporean pastor’s wife had a growth in one of her feet. My wife and the missionary’s wife ministered to her. The pain went away immediately and after subsequent commands, the growth reduced in size. Even the Singaporean pastor was exclaiming that the growth was growing smaller and smaller.”

An Elijah Challenge-trained evangelist from West Virginia saw powerful miraculous healings after he trained with us in Chicago. He wrote:

“[My daughter] and I shared our testimonies with our Pastor. He was so thrilled and stunned and he just kept saying – “Well, I am an Assemblies of God pastor; I do believe this – but WOW!” I also shared with our Wednesday service group – I’ve never seen so much excitement and the looks of joy on their faces!  They wanted to know when the next meeting was and I told them – they [The Elijah Challenge] will come here!”