Debi Frey and her husband Kenny own The Frey Consulting Group 
in Lousiana
February 2014

In addition to my weekly small group Bible Study of 26 ladies, I also oversee an Ministry Team of 6 ladies.  They are all small group leaders at our church.  I meet with them regularly to encourage, edify and coach them in caring for the sheep. 
One lady was new to my group.  She did not come to the first meeting because she was in so much pain (back, neck, shoulders).  She came last week…in great pain.  I gave her my testimony of how God healed two of my heart valves, my back and neck, Kenny’s severed finger and Kenny’s stroke.  
After I got her pumped up with the faith of God, I asked her “What will happen when I pray for you?”  
She answered, “Well, lots of people have prayed for me….” trailing off…looking down in defeat.  
Not moved in the least by her reply, I repeated my question again, “What will happen when I pray for you?” 
She looked up at me, surprised that I was asking the same question again and then she stated, “I hope I finally get healed.”  
Unmoved, I asked her, point blank, a third time “What will happen when I pray for you?” 
Y’all, I kid you not.  Her eyes lit up.  It was just like a light bulb went off in her spirit!  
She straighten up in her hunched over sitting position on the chair, she looked straight at me and announced, “I will be healed!”   And she meant it!
Glory, Hallelujah!  She got it!
Using the training I received from The Elijah Challenge, I then approached her, asked her to stand up and asked her to pin point the exact source of the pain in her back, then her neck, then her shoulder.  I laid hands on her, inviting the other sisters in the room to join me, and as I was taught, I commanded the pain to COME OUT in Jesus Name. I announced to her that “The Kingdom of God was near to her”.
Then, I asked her what the pain level was on a scale from 1 to 10, where 10 was excruciating.   
She smiled meekly, while rotating her arm around and replied, “About a 4”.  
So, we ministered to her again the same way.  Two more times, and she could not pin point any source of pain anywhere!  She had tears well up in her eyes and was choking back sobs.  Praise God!!! 
This is not the end of the story.  
As God would have it, one of the ladies who was at the meeting and witnessed this work of God, came forward and shared that she, too, has had a very painful issue in the middle of her back.  She had two very deep stabbing pains in her back near her shoulder blades for some time….several weeks.   (I am not sure why this lady did not come forward before this night, but she was full of faith this time!!!) Would I pray for her, too?
Of course, we proceeded to exercise the authority of Jesus Christ, operating in the Kingly Role, right then and there for this dear sister.  One time was all it took for this precious lady.  She announced that she had ZERO pain to all of us. Excitement in the room, to say the least.  Praise God!!!   
Of course, all of these ladies then received a brief introductory lesson on The Elijah Challenge training right then and there.  
March 13, 2014 Update
I just received a text from the first lady mentioned in my testimony above. Here is what she said:
“Debi…God is so very good! My cup runneth over!  I just got back from one of my specialists in Mississippi…he has never said this before: “You are doing wonderful!”  I was praising God all the way home!! May He bless you richly!! Blessings to you!!”
This lady has seen more than one doctor over the past 2 years, all trying to care for her and manage her “symptoms”.  Praise God, this dear lady HAS NO MORE symptoms! 
It’s always fun to hear the doctor (a specialist, for that matter) confirm what God already did!