Sickle Cell Anemia healed; water miraculously appears in dry well; speech impediment healed as in Mark 7:33

Extraordinary reports from our harvest workers in India

“A few more reports from our harvest workers…praise God for their fruitfulness!

A young man named Sudip Pradhan was suffering from Sickle Cell Anemia. Since his blood count was very low he had no strength and had difficulty walking. So many times he needed blood. Our Elijah Challenge workers went to his village to meet with him. They encouraged him not to worry; they were going to minister to him. On the second day he experienced a very powerful healing touch in his body. Slowly his stamina returned. He accepted Christ. Now he is helping our workers and going around with them as they share the gospel.

In the village of Panchamhala, a family wanted to dig a well. Since there was no water they consulted a geologist, but still there was no water to be found. So they called a temple priest who sacrificed a chicken and a coconut on their behalf. But water was nowhere to be found. The family then called our workers. They went to the location, and spoke and prayed over it in Jesus’ name. When the family dug again they discovered water! After that our workers had an opportunity to preach the gospel. The family believed and accepted Jesus Christ.

At a village called Hendadepa, there lived a man who had had a stroke a year earlier, and could walk only with the help of a staff. Our workers were led to his home to minister to him in the name of Jesus. He was miraculously healed, and is now is attending the fellowship.

In a village called Gangaguda, a man named Ram Jagaranga was unable to speak clearly following a bout with some disease.  Our Elijah Challenge workers ministered to him by touching his tongue with their fingers as Jesus did in Mark 7:33 for a deaf and dumb man. Our gracious God healed him, and his speech became clear. He was very glad to accept Jesus Christ as his personal saviour.

In the village of Henda, a man had been suffering from stomach pain for ten days. Even after taking prescription medication the pain persisted.  People were thinking that he might have a tumor in his stomach. But when our harvest workers ministered to him in the name of Jesus Christ, he was instantly healed.

In Galanda village, a woman had a severe toothache. The dentist told her she needed to have the tooth pulled. But she was healed after our workers ministered to her; the pain simply vanished.

In the village known as Sipragado there were two families suffering from very severe diarrhea. Our Elijah Challenge workers went to Sipragado and ministered to them. The diarrhea abruptly ceased. The villagers were astonished at this instant miraculous healing, and they believed.

All the glory to God.”

Elijah Challenge Co-Worker
June 2019