“We had a fruitful Elijah Challenge Feeding Event in a remote village which was surrounded by hills and little mountains. The majority of the villagers do not understand the local dialect, but rather their own tribal language. So I brought a translator with me. But it turned out that most of them were able to understand Oriya (the dialect of Orissa) and so no translation was needed. Thank God for his grace and protection for us to go to such a place and to reach them with the life-giving gospel of Jesus Christ.



Around 150 villagers accepted Christ as their personal Saviour.




Some of the reports of miraculous healing:

A woman named Ramila (below) had a stomach infection for a long time, resulting in pain in her stomach as well as other problems in her body. She had not taken any medication for quite a while since she was very poor. When we ministered to her at a distance from the front, the Lord healed her miraculously. The pain was completely gone in Jesus’ name.



Ranjit, an elderly man, had had a problem with his spine for a year. His doctor had asked him to wear a brace, but since it was very expensive he could not afford it. Day after day he suffered much.  Praise God the Lord was gracious to heal Ranjit instantly. He was healed from the back pain from which he had suffered for so long.



A gentleman named Sudhir (below) had suffered from paralysis in one of his legs since he was a boy. He could do nothing with that leg, not even stand on it. After the Lord graciously touched him, he was immediately able to do what he could not do before. Although there was still some swelling, the pain had vanished. Sudhir thought he was supposed to give us some money, so after we ministered to him he offered us Rs.100/- money (about US$1.50). I refused to accept it, telling him that we don’t take money. It [the Lord’s healing] is completely free to everyone.



A man named Bebek (below) had had a viral fever for a month and had suffered a lot. Whenever he took medicine the fever would go, but after a few minutes the fever would return and he felt no different. God touched him and he was instantly healed.



Thank you so much for your prayer and support.”


Reports from Elijah Challenge Coordinator Subodh Jena


Feeding the villagers afterwards