“Our God is awesome in answering our prayers.

During this current rainy season it has been raining continuously everywhere. The day before yesterday we had scheduled a Gospel Event in a remote village. But we were in dilemma whether to postpone event or even to have the event at all.  

In the morning before our Event, it was raining. We prayed and then rebuked the rain, commanding it to stop in the name of Jesus Christ. At 9 AM it stopped raining—although just a few kilometers away from us it continued to rain. The villagers then gathered together. We then preached the gospel to them, healed the sick among them, and fed the people. After our event, the downpour started up again.

Our gracious Lord performed many miracles of healing and deliverance. Seeing this compelling evidence for the truth of the gospel, over 150 villagers accepted Christ.




Mini (below) had a boil form on her chest five months earlier. Slowly it got bigger and bigger. But she was embarrassed to tell others about it since it had invaded such a private part of her body. She was thinking about seeing a doctor but never got around to it because of shyness. 

When at our Event I said, “there is a sick person who has pain in the body who will be healed right now” she felt I was talking about her. She was expecting to witness something supernatural take place at that moment. But only later did she realize that her boil had disappeared from her chest!



Kuna (below) had suffered a severe injury in an accident, breaking a leg. Even after two months he could not walk due to the pain. At our Event he was instantly healed. Before the people he was able to walk normally without any pain.



Young Renuka (below) had been sick with asthma for a long time. She had gone to many hospitals and had taken medicine for a long time without any improvement. During rainy seasons her suffering was especially bad. At our Event she experienced the Lord’s wonderful healing power in her body. With tears she testified to the people how the Lord Jesus had healed her.



Young Namita had a throat infection, and had come to our Event. While we were ministering to the sick at a distance from the front, she laid her hand on her throat. Suddenly she felt the Lord’s power come upon her. She was instantly healed.

Dipa had suffered from back pain for two years. She had applied local and allopathic medicine, but still the pain persisted. She was a daily laborer, but due to her back pain she couldn’t work and so had lost her sole source of income.  She was healed at our Event, and testified that Jesus had healed her.

An elderly widow named Kulu was suffering from a problem in her spine. For three years she had endured much pain. She couldn’t even eat, and most of the time was confined to bed. Previously she had been prescribed medicine and her doctor had advised her to go to the major hospital in the state capital for more advanced treatment. But since there was no one there to look after her, she didn’t go. At the Event, the Lord miraculously healed her and restored her strength.”

Elijah Challenge Co-Worker in Orissa, India
August 28, 2019