New Delhi, India
December 2013

The Elijah Challenge in India

The Elijah Challenge Training was conducted on Saturday and Sunday morning for servants of God and disciples in West Delhi, most of whom had never been exposed to such teaching from Scripture. The Lord performed various miracles for the infirm during the sessions, including for two ladies who had come with heart conditions—one with blockage and the other with a hole in her heart. After being ministered to by four sisters, both were able to walk and run down the aisle and back to the stage, feeling fine afterwards.

Sunday morning Training session
Sunday morning training session in Methodist Church
On Sunday evening a Evangelistic Feeding Event was held where Simon Haqq preached very powerfully and convincingly before a crowd of Hindus. The entire crowd surged forward to accept Christ after his message.
Afterwards the Lord confirmed the message by healing many who were infirm and demonized as the trained disciples ministered to them with power and authority. Those who were healed and set free testified from the stage. The Lord used both the visiting team members as well as newly-trained Indian disciples to heal the sick and cast out demons effectively.
One team member, 13-year-old Charlotte from the United States, ministered to a boy who apparently had been born with a leg which was unnaturally small near his ankle area. He was unable to walk normally on that leg. When she laid hands on his leg and commanded it to be healed in the name of Jesus, she felt it expand and grow under her hands.  The boy walked away normally.
Charlotte’s Mission Trip to India video

Below is Charlotte’s older sister Margaret ministering to the infirm.
Here’s a photo of the crowd of Hindus who gave up their Hindu gods to believe only in the Son of God Jesus Christ.
Above: ministry to the  infirm by trained disciples
Below two photos:  USA team members Al & Lisa minister healing
Below: photos of people testifying they have been healed by the Lord