“One of our fruitful workers, Pankrsus Kerketta, informed me that the RSS (Hindu Fundamentalist group) investigated him after hearing that he had gone to five villages within a week to minister. They asked our new believers about him, but they defended him. Please pray for the safety of all our workers. Through the persecution the Lord is doing amazing works through our workers.  

I received  from them more reports of miraculous healings and deliverance. Here are some testimonies.

In a village called Birompur there was a young man of around 20 years of age who was suffering from jaundice for three months. After being hospitalized for a month, he was very weak and bedridden. Our workers went there and ministered to him in the name of Jesus Christ. Within half an hour he got up from his bed. The Lord had healed him. Eight families lived in that village and they accepted Christ.

In a village called Bastar an elderly man was suffering from arthritis in one leg. After taking medication nonstop for the arthritis he felt miserable. After our Elijah Challenge workers ministered to him, he was healed. Then he brought two Hindu families suffering from sickness to receive ministry.

In a village called Jogi Munda there was a woman had suffered an injury in her uterus. Her family consulted with two or three doctors, all of whom advised an operation. The family did not have the money for the operation at the state capital hospital. Our Elijah Challenge workers went to that village to minister to her, and then returned home. Over three days our workers accompanied by their wives went back and forth to that village to minister to her. The Lord touched her miraculously, and she was completely healed. The family accepted our Lord Jesus Christ.

In a village there was a man named Krishan who was suffering from nonstop tearing in both eyes. The doctor could not identify the condition. Although there was no pain, Krishan nevertheless suffered. Thank God the tearing stopped after our Elijah Challenge workers ministered to him with the laying on of hands.

In a village called Poknaguda there was a man named Janma Oram who had suffered from an accident. While on his way to town from the market, he had fallen and lost consciousness. Our workers happened to be passing through on that road, and when they saw him they ministered to him. He regained consciousness. After that our workers went to his village and preached the gospel. Many came to Christ. 

In a village called Khuntamal, a mother had fallen and broken her back and one of her hands. After she was treated by the village doctor, she stayed in bed for two weeks, not able to do anything with the pain in her back and hand.  When our workers ministered to her, the pain left and she was healed. She believed in Jesus and her family accepted Christ.  

Thank you so much for your prayer and support for the extension of the kingdom of God.”

Elijah Challenge Coordinator for Orissa, India
February 21, 2019

Some additional reports below….

Miraculous works lead souls to Christ in Raipur, capital of the state of Chhattisgarh

Twenty accept Christ in unreached village one evening as several miraculously healed