Second Batch of Disciples: Woman miraculously healed from mental disease


“Thank you so much for praying for our disciples. It is an encouragement for us when we hear a wonderful testimony from our disciples and how the Lord is using them in an unreached area. They are also thankful to God for the prayer and support, and also for encouragement to them time to time. Please continue to pray for them.

Let me share a few selected reports from our second batch of disciples.

An interesting miraculous healing

A woman was not well with a mental disorder for a long time. Her husband had taken her to several mental hospitals doing his best to have her treated. He spent much money but still she showed no sign of any improvement. Finally he heard about our disciples and requested them to minister to his wife. Our trained brothers went and ministered to her, and she gradually recovered from her disease. When she was completely healed, she believed in Jesus Christ and started to attend the fellowship at a nearby village. But her Hindu neighbours asked her husband not to allow her to attend the fellowship. And so her husband told her to stop going. But after two weeks she suffered a relapse from the disease. After that her husband took her to the same neighbours asking them to heal her. When our trained disciples ministered to her she was completely healed, but when she stopped attending the fellowship the mental disease returned. The neighbours to say the least were put to shame, and told her husband to send her to our disciples. Again our disciples ministered to her, and her mind was restored. Praise the Lord both husband and wife have accepted the Lord and are attending our prayer fellowship. 

Other reports

In a village a young man was sick for one week with a urinary infection. He was feverish and weak in his body. He had been in bed for a few days, but after two of our disciples ministered to him he was healed.

In another village two other disciples went to minister to a girl she who was suffering from pneumonia. The family had taken her to doctor in the city. But even following extensive treatment she was not well. Our disciples laid their hands on her, and used their God-given authority over the sickness. Praise the Lord she was healed. Her family came to Christ and accepted the Lord Jesus as their personal Saviour.

In a village called Nabajibanpur, four people accepted Christ after having experienced healing for family members. But some women told the disciples not to come back to that village.  They threatened them saying that if the disciples continued to come to our village they would inform the RSS (the Fundamental Hindu group of India). But our two disciples continued to go there. Now they need prayer for protection.

In another village a child was suffering from a bloated stomach. After our disciples ministered to him the swelling instantly disappeared. 

A young man named Rabindra was suffering from arthritis in both legs and also in the upper part of body as well. While our disciples were out for outreach they met with Rabindra. Since he was looking very weak, they asked him if he was not feeling well. He explained to them at length that for the last four years he had been suffering from that disease and had gone to different hospitals without getting well. Our disciples explained to him about Jesus, and asked they could minister to him. Rabindra agreed, and they ministered to him in Jesus’ name. And the Lord healed him supernaturally!”

Elijah Challenge Coordinator in Orissa/Odisha
April 2018


Training disciples in India today as Jesus trained his Twelve disciples to fulfill the Great Commission