Extraordinary reports from our harvest workers in India

Received from our Coordinator in April 2019…

“Praise the Lord for the wonderfully abundant grace of God which we have seen and experienced here in India. I would like to share two reports of deliverance from demons.

In a remote village called Sehari, a man named Satrughna Munda had entered the jungle to collect some firewood.  He returned to the village possessed with a demon spirit. The next fifteen to twenty days were a struggle for him and his family. Satrughna was taken to a nearby village to be treated by a sorcerer, but he was unable to free Satrughna from the demon. So the family took him to another well-known sorcerer but to no avail.  

Then our Elijah Challenge workers were brought to minister to him. At first the demon shouted saying that he was not going to leave him. But as our workers rebuked the demon with the Lord’s great authority commanding it to go in Jesus’ name, it left. The family accepted Christ after witnessing the extraordinary miracle. 


A young girl named Uttara had been tormented by a demon spirit. For the last month she was under attack.  During the attacks she could not recognize anyone. Uttara’s family was very poor, and she had to work as a manual laborer to earn money. Her father heard about our workers and called them to help his daughter. 

When our trained workers ministered to her, she was completely delivered. Uttara’s family requested our workers to go to their home once a week for fellowship.


All the glory to God.”