“Well said, but there will many who will disagree.  Too many ears have been tickled for too many years. My prayer for India and here in the US is that God will continue to save those who can be saved.
Like you said, as times get harder, many people here will turn to Christ. Somewhere in scripture it talks about the rich building big houses for themselves at the expense of investing in the kingdom of God.  I think that applies to churches too.  The church we use to attend, spends millions each month for buildings, salaries and high quality video and sound systems.  Literally hundreds of members go on two week mission trips each year, at a cost of $2,500 + per person. Many (but not all) of these 2 week missionaries never personally present the gospel to one single person.  Instead they promote a one or two day Christian crusade.    
Hundreds and hundreds of people join our old church each year by transferring form another church, but the number of people getting born again is not nearly so many.  Don’t get me wrong, they do some very important good works, like sponsoring adoptions, caring for battered women and rescuing women caught up in the sex trade, but they will not accept that training  indigenous pastors and disciples to be missionaries to their own people is far more cost effective and productive than sending Americans missionaries to places like India and China. 
Just imagine what would happen if they spent a $100,000 a month to train Indian pastors and their wives to heal the sick and preach the gospel.  Millions of people a month would hear the gospel and be born again.  Instead we build bigger and bigger building to house the so called “fruitful Christians” and entertain them with spectacular praise bands.   
As you pointed out, the majority (greater than 90%) of the population has no fear of God nor do they want to know about him.  The scripture says that after two generation of not teaching God’s word the knowledge of God will be lost.  We are approaching that point in the US.  By far the majority of people in the US have but one god, the god of wealth and comfort.  It will be a fearful thing to fall into the hands of an angry God.”