Report from worker Sunu Bihar

A 15-year-old girl was paralyzed below her waist for the last two years. She and her family lived forty km from our Raipur fellowship. Somehow they came to know about the fellowship and brought her to the fellowship. After our Elijah Challenge pastor started ministering to that girl, she began to shout telling him not to stand in front of her. They then knew that she was possessed by a demon which had paralyzed her body. They continued ministering to her in Jesus’ name. Praise God that she was set free and stood up on her feet. Though she had little strength she stood up and walked.  The family accepted Christ.

Reports from other Elijah Challenge workers

In a village called Thuapadar there was a girl who had been attacked by a demon spirit. Her father took her to many places for treatment including to a sorcerer, but nothing worked. Finally he promised to sell his land and give it to whomever healed his daughter. A believing family from that village called our pastors and shared these things. Our pastors said they didn’t need anything. We will minister to her in Jesus’ name, and she will be healed. As they ministered to the girl, the unclean spirit got angry and told them that it will not leave. It threatened to take the girl’s life. Praise the Lord after a few hours the demon left the girl, and she was delivered. Two families came to Christ.

One two-year-old boy was suffering from malaria. He was taken to a hospital and given medication, but in the meantime his entire body was paralyzed and no longer moving. So the family took the toddler from place to place looking for help. One doctor said that it would cost around 1 lakh 50 thousand rupees (or just under US$2,200) to treat him. Our workers went and ministered to him after which he began to recover slowly. Now his parents believe in Jesus Christ.

One women would suffer from seizures for several years, and during a seizure one day she fell unconscious for a over an hour. Usually she would get up relatively soon after a seizure, but on that occasion her family saw her lying there for a long time and thought that she died. They did not feel it necessary to take her to the hospital. Instead they called our worker. As he ministered to her in the name of Jesus Christ, she woke up. She testified that something came out from her body, and she felt healed. Praise the Lord for the great miracle in the name of our Lord Jesus.

In the district of Sundergarh two months ago one family had suddenly stopped coming to the fellowship without a word of our pastor.  Last week again the family came, saying that they were going through many problems. One of the family members was having severe pain in his body. Our pastor ministered to him, and the Lord healed him. They then confessed that they had stopped coming because of disapproval from their Hindu relatives. But now they’ve come to realize that Jesus alone is truly the only Son of God. And they will continue coming to worship the Lord.

A woman named Susmita Rana suffered from an unknown disease. Her doctor was mystified at the constant pain in her chest and in stomach. When our Elijah Challenge pastor ministered to her, the pain stopped and she was healed. She is coming to the fellowship.

A Hindu woman in the district of Sundhargarh had a business selling alcohol. Our pastors were going through her village sharing the gospel and met her. After they shared the gospel with her, she believed in the Lord Jesus. They then told her that it was not good for her to sell alcohol and that she could do some other business. The following week when our pastors again visited that village they saw the woman with many goats. As she was leaving she said that she was happy with her new business. Since she believed in Jesus He had changed her mind.

In this way our Elijah Challenge pastors are reaching so many villages. In one village seven families came to Christ, and in another village three families came to Christ. God is opening the door to start small fellowship groups in different villages.

One 7-year-old girl was mute from birth, and had never spoken. Her family brought her to the home of one of our pastors, and he told them to come to his fellowship on Sunday. After the service our pastor ministered to her in the name of Jesus. She then uttered the word “maa” (which means “mother” or “mom”). They were so happy and believe that Jesus will complete the miracle for her, and that she will speak.  Praise the Lord!