Luke 10:2 now being fulfilled during these Last Days

This year in Orissa, India, we applied the approach of Jesus Christ in Luke 10:9 where he sent out 72 trained disciples, commanding them to “heal the sick and tell them, “the kingdom of God has come near to you.'” The result of this scriptural approach just this year alone has been 100 new house churches planted in previously unreached Hindu and animist villages with a total of over 3,000 new followers of Jesus Christ. When the villagers witness compelling miraculous healings as evidence that Jesus is the Messiah, they believe without hesitation.

Below are a few selected reports from the 72 harvest workers trained just this year and sent to proclaim the gospel in unreached regions of Orissa:

  • “One young girl named Janaki had arthritis. She was unable to walk due to severe pain in her legs. One Friday with the help of a walking stick and a family member, she came for prayer. Praise God that she was touched by the Lord’s healing power as we ministered to her. She was able to walk without pain. Afterwards she went home, walking by herself unaided.”

  • “One man named Topno had pain in his body. From time to time he would experience pain in different parts of his body. Whenever the pain started in his stomach it would be unbearable. When he came to our home for prayer, we ministered to him and he was miraculously healed. Witnessing this, his family came to Christ. When some of the other villagers asked them about our Lord Jesus, they also believed.”

  • “One man named Anuranjan had high blood pressure measuring at 270. Due to this he also suffered from various physical problems. After we ministered to him in Jesus’ name, his BP went down to 210. Again we ministered to him, and it went down to normal. He accepted Jesus Christ.”

  • “One woman had been attacked with witchcraft. She was demonized, and behaved like someone with severe mental problems. Her husband called us to pray over her after someone advised him to call for a disciple of Christ. He was told that his wife would be set free from the demonic power. We went to their village situated 25 kms from where we were in the district of Sundergarh. We stayed for two days at their home ministering to her, but the demon spirit would not leave her. But the power of God finally touched her, and the spirit said it would leave. And it came out of her.”

  • “A man named Nanda kumar was suffering from gastritis. Despite the many medications he was taking he experienced no relief from the severe pain. At last he came to our fellowship to be healed by the Lord. He is now healed from the gastritis and has no more pain.”

  • “A two-year-old child was suffering from tuberculosis. He had a constant dry cough and which was very painful. His parents took him to many doctors and was prescribed many medications, but his cough persisted. Then they came to our fellowship. We ministered to him in Jesus’ name. From that day onward he stopped coughing. They believed that Jesus had healed their child. Praise the Lord.”

November 23, 2018

100 house churches in India planted by 72 newly-trained workers—in one year

Training disciples in India today as Jesus trained his Twelve disciples to fulfill the Great Commission

Understanding the reluctance toward (and even rejection of) the miraculous by conservative evangelicals

Received November 26: “I have received a report from our harvest workers that another 4 house churches have been planted recently. Now we have 100 house churches total.”

In 2019 72 more workers will be trained and sent into the Lord’s harvest fields.

Local harvest workers are the most effective missionaries during these Last Days