Recommendations from Southern Baptist Leaders


Click on the links below for reports from these servants of God—past & present—after they were trained


Subodh Jena Kumar of Orissa, India hosted The Elijah Challenge Training on two separate occasions in his church in the town of Bhawanipatna.

Now the Lord uses Subodh very powerfully and effectively to heal the sick, cast out demons, preach the gospel, and to train other servants of God throughout his native state of Orissa.


Unnamed missionary in Asia who trained under The Elijah Challenge ordered a “dead Muslim woman to wake up and meet him in the hospital.” She had died hours earlier after being sent home from the Christian hospital where doctors could do nothing for her after a cancerous tumor in her womb had burst. Back home in the village she then came back to life in the name of Jesus Christ before a roomful of Muslims who were preparing to bury her. Just as the missionary had ordered, she was then taken back to the hospital accompanied by about 50 people from her village—most of them Muslims—where doctors could find no trace of the cancer.


Sarhonda & Teddy are based in Chicago and host Elijah Challenge Training Events in North America. Since the April 2015 Chicago Training Event the Lord is using them very powerfully to minister healing to the sick in the name of Jesus Christ.


Pastor Ephraim of West Bengal in India sees instant miraculous healings by the hundreds after training with The Elijah Challenge. 


Dr. Davy H. is The Elijah Challenge Coordinator for Indonesia, and hosted The Elijah Challenge in the early 2000s.  “Elijah Challenge Coordinator heals Seminary President at Doctor of Ministry Dissertation Defense


Evangelist Emmanuel Abdullahi of Nigeria attended the Training in November 2004. He has since joined us as Elijah Challenge Coordinator for Africa.

“I am very happy to identify with you; I feel good doing the work of God with the proof [of miracles]. The result—what I have not seen for the past 16 years I have seen it in less than a year. What you taught me I have communicated the same revelation to hundreds of ministers and believers. I am currently in high demand by churches. I give glory to God.”

“You have imparted much into me, and countless other [servants of the Lord] have benefited with an outstanding healing testimony in their ministries. The same thing you taught me I have communicated to them… It is only God who will reward you…”


Pastor Albert Kang of Malaysia attended the Training in December 2005. He has since joined us as Elijah Challenge Coordinator for Asia.

“Your teachings have been most enlightening and balanced. I have always been skeptical about preachers who have the gift of healing but no gift of teaching. On many occasions when they teach, some of them get the theology so confusingly wrong that it becomes detrimental to the ministry. However, you are different – you are a gifted teacher with a clear message about the believers’ authority to heal. Then you prove your message by your anointed action. Apart from these, you also cut out all the frills and get to the real substance.”

“Praise God for the training that you both gave to so many servants of Christ. [We] are being blessed by so many, many miracles. Honestly, in my 25 years of ministry, I have never experienced so many miracles in such a short time.”

In the nine years following his training with The Elijah Challenge in 2005, Pastor Albert has witnessed between 5,000 and 7,000 miraculous healings in his Elijah Challenge training events and evangelistic rallies.


Kurt and Mary Simms, who own Simms Electric Services, attended the Advanced Elijah Challenge Training in Houston in February 2008 and in March 2011.

In September 2012 we arranged for Kurt and Mary to go on a mission trip to Burkina Faso in West Africa. They would teach The Elijah Challenge and hold Crusades in Dori, an unreached area about 3.5 hours northeast of the capital Ouagadougou. 

In Dori Kurt & Mary witnessed and did things that we see in the gospels in the time of our Lord Jesus—the multitudes coming to hear the gospel, infirm people crowding around them with great faith to be healed, innumerable people healed instantly as in New Testament days, and precious souls—including followers of the religion based in Mecca—making the decision to follow Jesus. Even the physical day-to-day life of the people in Dori seemed to be taken out of the pages of the New Testament. 

Kurt wrote us: “We trained a large group of pastors and disciples on Thursday and I have preached open air the last two nights. People have come as far as 600 kilometers or so. There have been so many people healed and delivered from demons. The lame are walking, the blind seeing, and the deaf hearing!  It is so crazy we are exhausted everyday. Everyone is being healed and many being born again including many Msms. I will send you a better report later I have to prepare for preaching tonight.”


Manly Slough runs a large bakery for the US military base in Okinawa, Japan. He trained with The Elijah Challenge with online videos. Now he and his wife Junko teach and preach the gospel with accompanying miraculous healings as evidence to the gospel-resistant Japanese that Jesus is the Son of God. 


Dennis Green is a retired Houston-based engineer who first trained with The Elijah Challenge in 2011. 

Dennis finished a Master’s Degree in 2010 at Christian Leadership University, and since then has taken additional courses including “Prayers that Heal the Heart”. Then he took the course “God’s Provision for Healing” which includes A. L. Gill’s materials as well as the resources of Henry Wright (“A more Excellent Way”), and T. L. Osborn. Then he did an extra project for the course on The Elijah Challenge Training Manual. It was at that time that Dennis attended The Elijah Challenge Training, and started seeing people healed.

“I went through The Elijah Challenge training about a year ago and am amazed at the number of people that have been healed that I have prayed over. Prior to that I had prayed for many people through the previous 15 years and only saw one or two healed. Now I see people healed on a regular basis. Praise the Lord!”

As of March 2013, Dennis has already witnessed about sixty people healed, many of them when he ministered to them at a distance.


Rohan Rambally ministers with the gift of prophecy, and hosted The Elijah Challenge in Trinidad in June 2012.

“Thank you very much for the impartation, blessing and release. Because of it my life has never been the same. This is the result of your precious seed in my life. Thank you for imparting the Elijah Challenge into my life.”


Simon Haqq of New Delhi, “the apostle to the Hindus”, first hosted The Elijah Challenge in 2007.

Reports from North India and Orissa with Simon & Subodh Jena Kumar

The ministry of Elijah Challenge Co-Worker Simon

Since then through Feeding Events conducted by him and his Elijah Challenge-trained team many churches have been planted in unreached Hindu villages throughout North India. Many powerful miraculous healings have taken place as Simon preaches the gospel to the Hindus.


California public school teacher Tammy trained with The Elijah Challenge in 2004, and now ministers powerfully and fruitfully in the women’s prison system. “I’m using their teaching to teach the inmates how to minister to each other and how much they love it so much! Seeing the miraculous show up is reviving their spirits and prompting many to renew their faith and read God’s Word!”


Missionary Butch Berner of Zambia, Africa hosted and attended the Training in February 2005

Report from Butch’s May 2008 meeting in Burkina Faso

“On Saturday when the faith level had increased, I was teaching the people that they had authority too. I called seven pastors forward and stationed them in front of each section of people. Together we ministered mass healing-at-a-distance to all the people. About forty stood and declared that God had healed them during the ministry. I went back to finish the teaching and I looked around and a young girl was standing on the stage. I asked Mamadoue what does she want? He talked to her and said, “it’s a great miracle.” She had trouble seeing and was deaf but now could see and hear well! “IT WORKS and God is GOOD” is all I could say.

That night we had a crusade. God healed hundreds and delivered others. We had testimonies for almost two hours and when the people saw the power of God we had about 50 give their lives to Jesus. We had over twelve people with eye problems healed. One lady could see with one eye but not the other. God touched her and both eyes were working. Others came with testimonies of God healing deaf ears—about nine. The line grew so large we asked how many were healed of headaches and eight or nine came forward. We praised God for this and asked for healed backaches. Another seven or eight came out and we praised God for this, and so on for each part of the body. We had six people give praise to God for being delivered from various demons. Five came with testimonies of how God healed jaw and teeth problems. No pain when talking or chewing! One had had a broken jaw deformed, and God set it in place. Feet, legs, hips, backs, and all other parts of the body were healed in JESUS’ name. It was an incredible night I will never forget. I had the best seat as I got to hear all the testimonies as those trained did what God had asked them to do—“heal the sick, cast out demons, preach the kingdom”! God is so faithful.”

Butch & Janet’s Powerpoint Presentation


Jaimie Alonso of British Columbia, Canada attended The Elijah Challenge Advanced Training in Houston in February 2008.

Since then Jim has taught and ministered powerfully on mission trips primarily to Southeast Asia. Stroke victims are dramatically healed in his meetings. As just one example, in November 2010 Jim went to the Philippines to teach The Elijah Challenge to a group of pastors. Following the Training the pastors went out and planted four new churches using the weapon of miraculous healing which Jim had taught them to use.

Jim says, “Praise the Lord for using the Basic Training to produce this kind of fruit for the kingdom of God. We are so thankful to the Lord to be entrusted with this kind of teaching to give away to the body of Christ—we are simply unworthy servants who are doing what He told us to do.”


 Brother Peter is a disciple in Northampton, England who trained with The Elijah Challenge via YouTube videos on the internet. Peter formerly served in the Modern Jesus Army.

In August 2011 Peter and other trained believers ministered at an outdoor community “Umbrella Fair” where they invited infirm Fair-goers to come to be healed in Jesus’ name. Peter reported: “I think today we had around 90% success in terms of clear-cut, obvious healings. This is brilliant. People being miraculously healed and some finding faith. Glory to God for this all! The team members and others from the church also got encouraged and motivated by this – so there will be more to come. I can’t explain how great it is to explore this simple and so obviously Biblical way of evangelism! Amazing… the sick are healed, the gospel of the Kingdom is preached. Truly the Messiah is glorified!”

Other reports from the UK


Debi Frey and her husband Kenny of Frey Consulting Group in Louisiana attended The Elijah Challenge Training on two occasions. The Lord now frequently uses Debi to heal the sick in Jesus’ name.

“Two weeks ago in November 2012, two ladies and myself began to pour over the Scriptures on healing and will be using your material throughout this study time (each Wednesday at 5:30pm – 7:00pm CST). I love sharing some of your testimonies with them. Faith is building and growing – crowding out doubt and unbelief. We discussed the Kingly Role and the Priestly Role last night. Your seed is producing a great harvest all over the world for Jesus.”


Don Parbery and his wife Anna in Australia trained with The Elijah Challenge via internet video.

“Jesus appeared to Cheryl in a vision as we were laying hands on her issuing authoritative commands. Also, unknown to me during the session, my iPad in the kitchen was flashing a picture of Jesus throughout the session, all by itself…Her cataract disappeared after a few sessions of commanding and her vision was completely restored in the affected eye.”


Lucy has served the Lord for well over thirty years, and taught The Elijah Challenge in several countries around the world.


John Latini trained with The Elijah Challenge via YouTube videos as well as in person at the Virgina Training Center.

The Lord is using John to heal many infirm people, including those suffering from stroke and Bell’s Palsy. The miracles confirm the gospel of Jesus Christ.


Missionary/Pastor Carl Henderson in the Philippines attended the Training in Houston in 2006. He has since joined us as Elijah Challenge Coordinator for the Philippines.

“I want to thank you for teaching me The Elijah Challenge. After Sunday night’s healings, I was laying in bed thinking back to all the men of God who influenced me for the Lord, my many mentors, and I was wishing I could tell them about what we have been experiencing (actually many are already with the Lord) and I realized that in the last few months, we have seen more miracles and signs and wonders than many of them have seen in their entire ministries. Most were men of God who served faithfully for 40 or more years. In this area, my ministry has exceeded that of my heroes. They would be so proud of me! I realized that because of The Elijah Challenge and God’s power and authority, I also stand with the giants of my past.”

“This thought made me weep, with joy! I owe this all to your hard work, teaching ability and trust! I praise the Lord for this incredible tool! A tool that allows every Christian to stand shoulder to shoulder with the greats of the faith! I thank you and the Lord for this tool and for this beautiful revelation!”


Brian Matuszak is an occupational therapist in Texas who trained with The Elijah Challenge in 2012. Since then the Lord has used Brian to minister supernatural healing to his patients, including Stage 4 cancer disappearing

“I have been extremely busy but wanted to give a quick update on the successes the Lord Jesus is doing. I have been laying hands on my home health care (adult) patients. I have seen the following healings: Stage 4 cancer tumor in brain and lungs disappeared in 2 patients, near deaf ears opened to normal hearing, Tinnitus (ears ringing) stopped and normal hearing restored, hip fracture instantly healed, biceps tendon rupture instantly healed, arthritis pain gone and ALWAYS pain of any sort leaves when commanded to do so in the mighty name of Jesus Christ.”


Rickie Bradshaw is a Baptist pastor based in Houston, Texas and is on staff with Union Baptist Association Houston. He has hosted The Elijah Challenge on various occasions.

In January 2013 Rickie wrote us: “I am in Minoloporis (Brazil) for tonight and we have eight more cities where we will be ministering. It is really on fire. We had a healing service last night. Thanks for teaching me to walk on water.”


Timothy Lam, a pastor in Malaysia, trained with Asia Coordinator Albert Kang in July 2010.

Timothy has now taught The Elijah Challenge on mission trips to Asia, including Thailand and China, with accompanying miraculous healings.


Dr. Princella Johnson and her husband Maurice lead The Master’s House in Suffolk,Virgnia.


Sue & Rosemary are based in Katy, Texas and organize and lead fruitful community outreaches where the sick are healed, the gospel preached, and the poor fed.


Arjae Matthews is a worship pastor in Atlanta who attended both Elijah Challenge Basic Training I and II during successive weeks in 2010.

“Blind eyes seeing, the lame dropping their canes and walking, cancer being healed, tumors, ears opening, backs being healed, legs and limbs growing out—I mean instantly. This is blowing my mind.”


Don Swarm—thought to be “nuts”—heals a sick churchgoer before hundreds on a Sunday morning.


Mel Melato leads Glory Tabernacle in New York, and is associated with David Wilkerson and Times Square Church in New York City. He attended The Elijah Challenge Basic Training in April 2009.

“So many healings, so many deliverances since I have learned the ‘Elijah Challenge’ way of bringing healing and deliverance to people who desire it. May God continually bless you in what God has called you to do. May God extend the territory of your ministry beyond what you can see. …The miracle healing power of God descends [in the meetings].”


Dave Diamond of Covington, Louisiana is a hospice chaplain and equipper of the Lord’s servants in India who has both attended and hosted The Elijah Challenge Training.

“Healings are almost commonplace in my own ministry now.  One woman in Slidell, Louisiana, told me the first time we met that she was having trouble breathing.  I laid hands on her and spoke to her lungs and circulatory system, and she immediately received His healing.  It was so quiet and gentle, in fact, that she didn’t even realize she’d been healed until five minutes after I left.  What I didn’t know at the time was that she had been diagnosed less than two weeks before with end-stage COPD, told she had perhaps two months to live, and recommended for Hospice care.  A woman in our Bible study was healed two weeks ago of severe tendonitis, another woman last week of chronic abdominal pain, another of injuries associated with a severe automobile accident.  We’ve seen sight restored, the lame walk, pancreatic cancer cured, etc., etc., etc.  We’ve seen demonic deliverances both in India and here, some of them very dramatic.”


Don Felix Azcona attended The Elijah Challenge in February 2009 in Sabah, East Malaysia.

“I was a deacon at my church, but I have dropped out of sight now for three months because in Sabah (East Malaysia), miracles are still regarded as “super power.” People look at me as if I have some kind of “magic power” from God. To avoid backsliding and becoming like [a certain well-known superstar evangelist] and starting to focus on popularity, I decided to keep a low profile and concentrate on the work for the Lord.”


Jay Bartlett is a servant of God based in Dallas, Texas who attended the Training in June 2008.

“I have followed your ministry many years now and appreciate your faithfulness to teach what evangelism truly involves –high risk events that will literally change one’s life and others.  In the past 14 months (as of March 2012) I have traveled to all 6 continents of the globe for ministry and because of your teachings have been encouraged to train thousands and reach thousands for the gospel, to heal the sick, and drive out demons!  May God continue to give you many more years of fruitful ministry!”

“I’m currently in New York City conducting open air gospel meetings –preaching before many thousands in Times Square! Furthermore, holding some deliverance meetings where we are equipping believers to cast out demons and to heal the sick. Now, many of these disciples are going forth and ministering! Brings great joy to my heart!” (April 2012)


Jackie Alma Robles viewed the video of The Elijah Challenge Basic Training via this website in October 2009. After that the Lord began to use her powerfully to heal the sick and cast out demons via the internet as well as in person.

“This is simply amazing. I never could do any of this on my own so I know it is the Lord giving me the strength and boldness to step out. It all began with watching your videos. Praise God for your website and Rich Keltner’s website and for the free access to these important teachings from the Word of God. I can’t wait to see what’s next!”


Dale Garris of the evangelistic ministry based in Dallas, Texas attended the Basic Training in February 2009. After the first half of the Training, he wrote:

“I came back jazzed from [your] meetings this past weekend. Answered a lot of questions for me, specifically about the seeming randomness of healings. I have done so many healings in so many places under so many different circumstances and in so many different ways … but I have no idea what I’m doing, and I don’t know why it works here and not there! I can’t just turn it on like a switch.

Sometimes I can feel the flow of the Spirit like a river of oil, sometimes like electricity, and sometimes like a sense of just regular power … and then sometimes I don’t feel a whisper of anything, like I’m not even part of the process, but stand and watch some incredible thing happen.

Those were some big questions for me, and [you] made a lot of points that really help settle a lot. I’m looking forward to the next sessions.

I am bringing my family this weekend. I want them to see the real thing in action. My kids have heard the stories of miracles and my wife has been there for a few of them, but to witness in action the power of the simplicity of the Word of God is something they really need to see and hear for themselves.

Thank you for the invaluable teachings you have given. There is so much more I want to learn from you.”

Read about Dale’s May 2011 meetings in Uganda after he trained with The Elijah Challenge and where he witnessed hundreds healed and hundreds accepting Jesus Christ.


Tom Briggs and his Seattle-based Salt Ministries trained with The Elijah Challenge in January 2009

I want to publicly thank our Lord Jesus and his humble servant from The Elijah Challenge for discipling us in Seattle in the use and excercising of His authority given to us (and all obeyers of the Great Commission) by Jesus “to heal the sick, cast out demons, cleanse the lepers, and raise the dead” in the context of preaching and evangelism of the lost OUTSIDE of the “boat,” i. e., the Church.

“We carpooled to the Tacoma homeless feed and clothing outreach sponsored by the Biker’s Tabernacle Church, and other local churches in Tacoma. They have been doing this humanitarian outreach for several years now.

Our eleven evangelists and “witnessing machines” were prayed up and filled to overflowing with the Holy Ghost and fire—to heal the sick, cast out demons, and cleanse the unbelieving of unbelief and preach the Kingdom of God is near. I announced His intentions to heal the sick and oppressed just as He did in the Bible days (they are still here today, folks! There is no “amen” at the end of the Acts of the Apostles) and we sure enough now know why! I proceeded to lift my voice like a trumpet with my plastic megaphone cone (a sawed-off oil funnel) to invite the sick and infirm to come for free ministry for healing and miracles. I told them Jesus would demonstrate tonight He is risen from the dead and conquered sickness, sin, death and Hell. He would prove it by healing anyone who would come over to us for ministry. They were dumbfounded, moonstruck, paralyzed with curiosity at best, utter unbelief at worst!

No matter, a lady in a wheel chair was willing to give it a shot. Why not—no charge, and nothing to lose, right? We ministered to her torn and painful tendon and ankle from an earlier surgery and subsequent re-injury. After three commands in Jesus’ name to her ankle, she was pain-free, and walked around on it. However, she was a bit dizzy from favoring her good foot too much up until now. We ministered to her for that, and she said she was improved in that too. I announced this to the enlarging crowd, yet they stood aloof.

Next, one of the Biker Tabernacle volunteer staff men, Rick, had a short leg with an obvious limp. He wanted his leg lengthened. (We have this miracle on video tape…stay tuned!) He sat in a chair which we had dragged out to the middle of the crowd, lifted both legs supported by a cane under his calves. After about 45 seconds it grew out two inches to catch up to his normal left leg length. We erupted in praise and shouts to Jesus! But he was in shock! He felt his leg grow out! (He didn’t see it because he had shut his eyes in prayer). He got up and couldn’t walk straight away because he wasn’t used to walking without a limp after so many years of limping. He started walking around with total amazement and wonder in his face and eyes. Later, he came back and wanted us to re-check his legs to make sure it really happened! His friend checked them and confirmed his legs were equal in length! Hence many more people took a chance out of their desperation for healing in Jesus’ name. I will let the other team members write their own testimonies and forward them to you.

We began limited open air preaching and continued praying for various needs, not even physical! We gave money to some, Bibles to others, many Gospel tracts went into hands, and best of all, many Christians were intrigued, awakened, and wanted more of this next weekend!”


Years ago Pastor David Q, when still a student, translated for us in an historic Elijah Challenge Training & Crusade in a major Asian city. On Christmas Day 2008 Pastor David held a powerful Crusade in that very same city. Below are portions of his initial report:

“It was you whom the Lord used to raise up many people in this healing move of God, of whom I am one! Thank you for being faithful to the Word and for training me!

There were many cases of asthma, heart disease, liver, stroke, some kind of brain cancer healed. Three cases of deaf ears opened. A few cases with spine problems healed, three or more cases involving people who could walk again after not being able to walk well beforehand.

…Around 100 souls were saved.

…Even before the Crusade, the pre-event people did a good job, and reportedly from just two staff people, we had at least 35 converts out in the streets as they went out giving the Jesus’ film and ministering to the infirm. Strangers heard about these people who were being healed in the streets, hospitals, market places screaming happily because they were healed, and the strangers themselves came asking to be ministered to, and they accepted Jesus.

…What a work that is going on here in Vietnam…HALLELUJAH!!!”


Street preacher Chris Villasana first attended The Elijah Challenge in April 2007

While Chris and a team of street preachers were ministering in Chicago in September 2008, he wrote:

“…So many healings have taken place. There have been many healings big and small, but I will give you the highlights. When we first arrived in the Chicago area…

Praise God! Miracles are happening in the streets! People are repenting and giving their lives to Jesus!”


Missionary Clive of the United Kingdom hosted and attended the Training in Niger in November 2002

“Be encouraged. The Lord is using me and the ministry is growing and developing. What you planted in my life is bearing fruit and the Lord is bringing glory to himself through it.”

“…I am still taking trips and preaching the Gospel and I reckon that near to a thousand people have received healings in my meetings as I’ve taught and preached the Gospel over the last three years.”

“I was in India in January 2008 and held a couple of small village crusades. People were healed and saved. In March 2008 I went to Burkina Faso and held village crusades in the south of the country. We had a average crowd of 800 each evening during the seven nights in different locations. Our largest crowd was 1500 and during mass healing around 150 raised their hands to say God had healed them. Many also came to faith in Christ. There were many wonderful miracles including a lady who came to us the next day to say she had been delivered of a spirit of suicide and that during the prayer for mass healing something had come out of her. Since that time she no longer heard voices telling her to kill herself. Around 50% of people at the outreaches were adherents of the “religion of peace” and the Lord showed his power to heal to confirm that he is the only way to heaven.”


Missionary Keith Roussel of the Philippines attended the Training in June 2007

Report on Keith’s community outreach

“The following night we held a community outreach. While setting up our sound equipment we discovered that we were in a Musl__m area and that some of them were already complaining about us. Several of the students began to panic and looked to me for guidance. Having encountered Musl__ms before, I knew that if we wanted to reach these people we needed to do more than just preach at them. They need to both hear and see the gospel in action. Having witnessed the success of the healing challenge in the college I decided to do it again, but this time it would be before the preaching.

As we began the outreach about 50+ children gathered to participate in the dances, songs and dramas, while the adults stood in the shadows watching with caution and curiosity. I could sense that they were not sure what to make of us or how to respond. To top that off there was a disco club right next to us. When we arrived they began to play their music louder as a protest of our presence.

This time I had one of my students do the healing challenge [The Elijah Challenge]. He began to call anyone who was sick or had a problem in their body to come forward and saying that we would heal them by the power of our God. For several minutes he called out until two people responded. One was a small child with a stomach ache, and the other was an old Musl__m woman with a problem in her knee. Our students laid hands on them and they were both immediately healed! Now with proof to back our claims more people began to respond. Several more people came forward and were healed as our students laid hands upon them.

For over an hour we continued to call for the sick to come. It began with just a couple sick people responding and snow-balled into a mob of mass healing, as once spectators were now pushing through the crowd to receive their healing. People ran home to bring their relatives as more and more sick were being instantaneously healed. Deaf ears were being opened, eye problems corrected, body pains gone, heart conditions healed and so much more! Musl__ms were thanking Jesus for their healing!

Such a commotion was occurring that the disco club closed and the young people came out to watch the event. Never before had this community seen the power of God move in such a way. After about 2 hours of healing the sick we preached a message of salvation. We told them that it was through the power of Jesus Christ that we healed them and that He was the only way to get to heaven. We asked those who wanted to accept Jesus as their Lord and savior to come forward. I was so amazed to see that a large majority of those who responded were adults! People once looming in the shadows now came forward to accept Christ. Many of the people who responded were Musl__ms, some were the youth from the disco club and one was a witch doctor! At the end of the outreach some Musl__ms approached us saying, “We believe in your God” and thanked us for coming to minister to them.

I am so very proud of my students. They stepped out in great boldness and faith. During the outreach they would occasionally run up to me relaying their most recent healing with a look of triumph and amazement in their eyes. I could feel such a satisfaction fill me as I watched them put into practice that which I had imparted into them.”


Pastors Rick & Kris Freeman of Texas hosted and attended the Training in May 2006

“There has been so much going on here… Let us start by saying that we have been very busy since you were here. You came to Jubilee House of Praise on June 3rd to teach us “Evangelism through Healing” [The Elijah Challenge]. Since then, which was three and a half months ago, our fellowship has doubled in size and we have led over forty people to Christ. This may not sound like much to a larger church, but it’s huge to us. We have been a very small fellowship for the past three years but suddenly that is changing. We haven’t had this much success with anything else we have tried. We feel that what you are teaching is exactly what God wants all churches to be doing NOW. We know we are living in the last days and there are MANY lost souls in this country. We will continue to pray and encourage other pastors to see the vision of “The Elijah Challenge.” IT WORKS!”


Pastor Stephen Gardner of Crown of Hope International in Arizona attended the Training in November 2007 and February 2008. He and his wife Kathy have since joined us as Elijah Challenge Coordinators for Arizona.  

“Now that the class is finished…, we had an outreach with Teen Challenge in Phoenix. There were about 100+ individuals present. Mainly men who were in this program for drug rehabilitation. We had an overwhelmingly great response to the gospel message and The Elijah Challenge approach to healing. Several men who were not saved came and accepted Christ. As part of the challenge I first called for those who were deaf in one hear to come forward 5 men came forward and Kathy assisted me in ministering to them. ALL the men testified that they could hear now. After this miracle many more came forward with other ailments for healing. The Teen Challenge Director talked with us about returning on a periodic basis to have an outreach to these men were fresh off the streets with substance abuse challenges.”

“[The Elijah Challenge] articles have inspired us to revamp our approach to evangelism. We believe as a result of this strategy the Lord has given us so much favor in our approach to lost souls. Sunday I went out to one of the places where young men hang out who attend Arizona State University in Tempe, Arizona. I made my pitch to one young man who was Asian and whose parents were Buddhist and to another man who was unchurched. The young man of Buddhist descent gave his life to Jesus and the unchurched man joined in. Both men will be at church Sunday where discipleship will begin. Also I have been using The Elijah Challenge in my Sunday messages. We had a visitor who came and became so enthusiastic about the teaching that he joined the church and is hungry for more. So you can see the revival of the spirit and power of Elijah has not only spread to the streets and byways here in Phoenix, but it is making a renewed difference in what is happening inside the church.”


Robert Cockburn of Texas attended the Training in the summer of 2005

Report on Robert’s August 2008 mission trip to Uganda

“And as you go, preach saying, “The Kingdom of heaven is at hand.” Heal the sick, cleanse the lepers, raise the dead, cast out demons. Freely you have received, freely give.” His mandate changes not, even way, way, way out in the bush!

This is our third trip to this village [in Uganda], which is 1 1/2 hours up into the mountains past Mbarara. Again, hundreds were born again! Many witch doctors, tribal people and Musl__ms. At least 800 people were healed. Four hundred people had demons cast out. The church is 400 members strong and growing! A beloved saint they call “Mamma Joy”, who received prayer last summer, was healed from AIDS.

These kinds of signs and wonders cause the church to EXPAND as the Father displays His GOODNESS. All left the week nourished both physically and spiritually. Praise the Lord! We have returned healthy and feeling incredibly privileged to be His ambassadors.”


Dr. Paul Rains of Missouri attended the Training in Togo, West Africa in January 2002

Report on Paul’s October 2004 Crusade in Punjab, India

“…After the third meeting in Bathinda we traveled by car at night to Jahlander where we stayed in a hotel. This was our base as we commuted three nights to the city of Nakadhar where we had wonderful open air meetings. The crowds grew each night to around 3000 the last night. On the first night we had 100 decisions for Christ, 200 on the second night and an amazing 500 on the third night!

The audience was a mixed group of adherents to tribal gods, Hindus, Sikhs, and Musl__ms. Also Christians were present who helped organize the meetings. Many people testified of miraculous healings by the hand of God during those gospel meetings.”


Pastor Vijay Singh of India attended the Training in April 2006. He has since joined us as an Elijah Challenge Coordinator in India.

“Greetings to you in the name of Jesus Christ who is coming very soon. I am one of the attendees of the seminar held in Dehra Dun in the month of April 2006 in India. There you taught us about The Elijah Challenge and made us aware of our authority through Christ. I came to know what is my authority as being a disciple of Jesus. That Training and the teaching have been a blessing for me and my ministry. If you remember I meet you after the session and I told you that will use this authority in my meetings, and you gave me your name card.

When I came back, I visited a house where there were four people—one old man and three ladies. The old man was on the bed. I shared the gospel to them and ministered to them as they requested. One lady had a headache due to high blood pressure; another had heaviness in her body. They asked me to minister to them for their healing. I submit myself into God’s hands and prayed that he use me for their healing. After prayer I took authority over the enemy. I commanded the headache and heaviness to go and to leave them in the name of Jesus. When I asked them how they are feeling they gave their witness at once and they glorified the Lord. They said the headache had gone, and the heaviness also gone.

I am using my authority in my Church meeting every Wednesday. Miracles are happening and evil spirits are leaving the people. This Wednesday meeting is growing and more and more people are coming. Before we had 15 to 20 people but now there are 70 to 80 peoples are coming to our meeting. I pray that our Lord use you abundantly that many Christian leaders know their authority in Christ and we all may be able to extend His kingdom on the earth.”


Tom Linebaugh of the Tower Light Guys trained with The Elijah Challenge via online video as well as with other ministries. As a witness of Yahshua the Messiah, Tom often heals the sick on the job as he installs lights on towers.


Tee Joo Tatt is a Malaysian servant of God who trained with The Elijah Challenge in 2006. After that the Lord began to use him powerfully on mission trips to Indonesia and Nepal, among other nations. In 2014 Joo Tatt was appointed Elijah Challenge Coordinator for Nepal.

“I have many testimonies of using The Elijah Challenge…”

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