Reports from two Feeding Event pastors who trained with The Elijah Challenge (TEC)

July 7 —  Pastor Sanjeev reports “When I heard from other pastors how evangelistic feedings events have been a blessing to their church, I conducted the event in my locality called Majra.  There were 280 who chose to accept Jesus. Close to 50 are ready for baptism.  A new church is planted in the suburbs of Delhi as a result of healing and deliverance.  Pastor Wilson (another pastor) from Moga Punjab reported 350+ people getting saved.  A lady had a stone come out from her gall bladder.  Many were delivered from witchcraft. The following Sunday after the gospel event our church was packed.  Every day new persons are coming to me for prayer.  My church is blessed.” Pastor Prem reports “Our evangelistic gospel event was in a village called Mamdot just 8 km away from Pakistan.  We had a two-day event with close to 600 + people giving their lives to Christ the first day. All of them heard the gospel for the first time. Our church is 5 km away from this village, but to our surprise the following Sunday we had no place to accommodate people. God did some notable miracles—a brain tumor instantly vanished.  Severe joint pain for many years vanished.  A man who was insane was restored to his right mind. 

“The power was so strong like in the Book of Acts”

Mrs. Jasmil Kaur, our lady pastor from a village called Burj Mehma in Punjab, conducted our second gospel event. There were close to 600 people who signed decision cards. This is a Sikh village. The power was so strong like in the book of Acts.  Twenty-eight people were baptized at midnight after the meeting.  Three new churches have been planted after the gospel event.  Our 38 newly trained leaders ministered to the sick. Thank you for your prayers and support.”  

Pastor Simon Haq & Pastor Jasmil Kaur


July report of Feeding Events in the city of Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh State from Simon Haq our Feeding Events Coordinator and Evangelist

When we are invited to a new area, Simon likes to preach at the first gospel event and invite local pastors.  When the pastors see how effective the events are in expanding God’s kingdom, most eagerly accept our invitation to be trained to do gospel events and minister to the sick and the lost the same way Christ taught his disciples.  We train approximately 30 new pastors each month with The Elijah Challenge, among other teachings. The gospel was preached to approximately 3,000 people who came from 20 different villages. Many come because they have heard the news that God may heal them in the name of his Son, Jesus Christ, whom they know nothing about. Others come purely for the food.  In this event around 2,000 people gave their lives to the Lord.   About 1,500 came for the follow up meeting  

Simon preaching the gospel to people most of whom had never heard the gospel

Hindus listening to the gospel

Hindus accepting Jesus Christ

Simon preaching with other pastors in the background

“There was a mighty manifestation of the power of GOD.  Even as the gospel was being preached unclean spirits were coming out of people. Half the crowd raised their hands to testify they were healed. During the follow up meetings we heard testimonies that a brain tumor vanished, blind eye was opened, an issue of blood was healed, and an insane man came to his right mind. For three years he was insane…and many more miracles.” -Simon  

More Elijah Challenge Reports from India

m Note from Elijah Challenge Board Member Bill Willis (Founder of Feeding Events India) who submitted this report: “These pastors were Elijah Challenge-trained and they are now doing gospel events on there own without Simon. Also we launched our small, $100 church gospel events in June, using TEC-trained pastors. The goal was to help these churches reach their communities with the gospel. The reports coming in have been very encouraging. Pastors are seeing more people saved and increases in membership than ever before. The problem now is that they have no place to put the new members!

Simon changed when we do training. We now train pastors and interested church members the day before the large gospel events. These trained disciples then participate in the altar call ministry at the end of each service. This helps to prepare them to do the same things in their churches and communities. Simon reports that 30 or more pastors and church members are being trained before each of the two large gospel events we do every month.”