Subodh Jena Kumar Reports


How wonderful to serve the Lord in such a needy place. I am glad to share with you what the Lord has done in the year of 2011. In spite of many obstacles God gave me some opportunities to teach and preach to specific people groups.  At least five programs I was able to attend for teaching and preaching apart from Bhawanipatna; other opportunities I was obliged to cancel.

The Lord was so gracious to perform the mighty miracle to bring the people to Him and to prove that He is Lord.

Hadgarh (840 kms from Bhawanipatna) is near to Manaharpur where Dr. Graham Staines (Australian Missionary) was burned alive ten years ago with his little children. The incident was a shock to the whole world.

After that missionary work declined dramatically because of fear and government restriction. Even today still that area is very sensitive toward the preaching the Gospel without proper permission. By the grace of God I received the opportunity to preach and teach for three days in Hadgarh during the month of February 2011 among the same people group who killed Dr. Graham Staines.

Thousands of people, both Christians and Hindus, attended the Gospel meeting from various villages. The police were there for the protection of the meeting. The Lord performed so many miracles both physically for the infirm and also spiritually for the lost—many people received the Lord Jesus Christ for the first time in their lives.  Praise the Lord!


Subodh (center) is welcomed to Hadgarh


Above & below: Testimonies of miraculous healing


One woman was not able to walk for a long time and the Lord healed her. Very quickly she came walking up to the stage and testified with great gladness. See the photo below.


Jharana walks for the first time in six months


Grandma was not able to see properly for two years


Raul was healed of a stomach problem


They are calling me to return to Hadgarh in February 2012. That place is a very needy area with regard to the gospel. Please pray that the Lord may send Evangelists into that area.



I do not know why the Lord is taking me to the region of the Kui people—unreachable for the last five to six years. When I went to Gandupadarn (350 kms from Bhawanipatna) I wondered why this people group are living in such a mountainous region. Transportation to such areas is available only on foot or by bike. I thank God for giving me such an opportunity to reach those unreached places. I went to Gandupadar in May 2011.


These are very poor and needy people both economically and spiritually, living in a mountain area. I had the opportunity to minister to them for two days. Three hundred people were there for the Gospel meeting. Many were illiterate and alcoholics. They all are farmers; they depend on the cultivation of the land. Because of the problem of inadequate transportation, the Gospel is not able to reach them. This tribe was very much receptive to the Gospel. The Almighty God performed many mighty healings there. I believe such people need care and counsel.



Woman testifies the Lord has healed her


A madman came to the meeting who was suffering from mental problems for two years. The Lord touched him.



Ajaygarh is a historic place in Orissa located 310 kms from Bhawanipatna.

Hundreds of years ago American medical missionaries went there and started the gospel work. The village is on top of the mountain. Hours and hours are needed to walk to reach it. The missionaries used to go there on foot and by elephant. They sacrificed and worked very heard to establish churches there.

Today their tombs and deteriorating homes are there. Praise God for their sacrificial lives which are so encouraging. But today the church is neglected and cannot be used for worship services.

Another historical incident took place fifty years back. There was a plane crash, and people died on top of the mountain.

I was glad to have the opportunity to go and minister there in the month of September. I found many kinds of diseases, especially among the children. Many are suffering with various diseases. I taught them how we all can win souls by performing healing in Jesus’ name according to John 14:12.

I saw a very good response from the people. They said this is a new teaching we are hearing for the first time. Also I noticed that the women responded and took steps to do the work of the Lord.







Last week I went to a place called Dabraguda, 380 kms from Bhawanipatna, for a Gospel meeting. It is a small village and six hundred believers as well as non-believers were there. Many Hindus came for healing and the Lord touched them. Instant healings took place. I came to know that there was no gospel work going on. Only one evangelist is there who usually goes from village to village.

After hearing all those things I have a burden to send evangelists to such places. Once in a month I would like to go for a meeting or for the Basic Training program. Afterwards they called me and asked me to come at least once a month since there is no Sunday service. However it is not possible for me to go there every month.







Please pray that the Lord may open the door for us to start ministries in those needy areas.