Reports from Orissa

By Elijah Challenge Orissa Coodinator Subodh Jena Kumar
March 2015

“The Lord has been so gracious with our Elijah Challenge ministry in Orissa. It is encouraging to hear how the Lord is doing great and marvelous things through our trained Elijah Challenge pastors.

Pastor Dalimba

Our Elijah Challenge Pastor Dalimba had a very powerful experience in one Hindu home. There was a woman who was possessed by a demon spirit. Her family member used a traditional ritual to remove the demon from her, but it failed. Even a sorcerer tried and failed. When our brother went there many people were standing there and waiting to see what would happen.

The demon clearly stated where she came from and where she stayed. Our brother did not want to bother listening to the demon, but simply commanded it to leave in Jesus’ name. The demon caused the woman to fall on the ground, and within a few minutes she was alright. The people were amazed at this, and believed on the Lord Jesus. Praise the Lord that the miracle turned people to Christ in that village.

Pastor Junul

Our Elijah Challenge co-worker Pastor Junul informed us that another three families accepted the Christ in the village where eleven new believing families had initially been denied access to water. He went and ministered to a family which had lost many wild animals as well as children due to sickness. But after he ministered in that house, two of the children were healed from sickness. Praise God that family and their relatives (two families) accepted Christ.

Pastor Junul is praying and expecting that all the villagers will come to Christ.

Brother Muthamajhi

Brother Muthamajhi informed us that he went to a remote village and had a Feeding event among the Kutia Kondha, a very primitive group of people living in a small village consisting of 8 to 10 families. The villagers are steeped in witchcraft and they sacrifice goats, chickens and buffaloes. For cultivating their fields they depend on pagan rituals. In one family, they would have unusual dreams. Sometimes sand would fall from the ceiling at night.

Our brother had a Feeding Event there. After prayer, many people were healed from various diseases such as asthma, back pain, fever and infection. That night in that one particular house after ministry the family slept peacefully. They had no strange dreams and nothing unusual took place. The entire village came to Christ.

Praise the Lord for the fruitful work being done in the villages.

Brother Nayak

Brother Nayak reported to us that in a village where he conducted a Feeding Event, fifty people accepted Christ. At the meeting there were children along with many drunkards sitting there. He shared the gospel and ministered to the sick. He met with drunkards personally and counselled them to stop drinking as it is very harmful to their health and also to their families.

There were many sick people healed at the Feeding Event after prayer to the Lord. A young man was coughing and had a sinus problem for 15 days, and he was healed. A young sister had pain in her elbow and she was healed. A sister had suffered from hemorrhoids and she was healed.

Thank you so much for your prayer and support.”