In September 2017 Gudia was miraculously delivered from a killer demon spirit which had already taken six family members in her village in India.
The testimony

January 5, 2018

“Today we visited Gudia’s village and heard a very encouraging testimony from her. Last month there a young woman was suffering from a severe infection in her thyroid. She was not able to eat or drink in addition to swelling in her throat.  

The family had gone to a nearby hospital to buy some medicine. Again after a few days they took her back to hospital for more medication. After few days once more they took her back to the hospital.

Noticing this Gudia decided to go to their house to talk to her father and mother. Regardless of how they might respond, she had to share her testimony with them. So she went there and shared the details of her extraordinary testimony of how the Lord Jesus had miraculously delivered her from a demonic attack which had previously resulted in the death of her six family members and was about to do the same to her.

With the permission of the parents, Gudia then ministered to the young girl in the name of Jesus Christ. She was miraculously healed on the spot. The family was astonished to witness this miraculous healing through the Lord Jesus Christ. They told Gudia that they had been to the hospital three times, but never saw such a quick healing. The girl believed and accepted Christ.

Gudia told us that she simply rebuked the infirmity in Jesus’ name and it left her. She had recently attended our Elijah Challenge Training at Berhampur (Orissa) in November 2017 where Brother William taught.”

Elijah Challenge Orissa Coordinator