Reports from Don Parbery

By Don Parbery
Grafton, New South Wales

January 15, 2015

A few days ago, I came back to my old home town to do some work.

Whilst working, I met a man at his house. He had depression, anxiety, psychosis, full body arthritis, anger, bitterness, resentment, drug dependency and demonic oppression. He had also been on morphine for 8 years because of the arthritic pain.

I got talking to him and he told me all of the above. Suddenly, God gave me supernatural words of knowledge about him. They were entirely accurate. I’d never seen this man before. He asked me how I knew that about him.

I then told him that there is a God in heaven who loves him and sent me to him to rid him of all of the above and prove that He alone is the only God who can heal, save and deliver. I asked him for permission to pray over him. He agreed.

Again, words of knowledge were given to me as I prayed. When I rebuked the demons in Jesus’ name, they manifested. Then he gave a deep sigh and growl and trembled. Then, when the demons left the peace of God entered the man.

He sat there in silence, then wept. Then, he got up and asked, “what the [expletive deleted] did you do to me? I’ve got no pain and I can move. Plus, he had a massive smile. He got up, he jumped up and twisted his body. He danced, sang, cried and tested his “new” condition for 15 minutes. He hugged and kissed me throughout this. I’ve never seen anything so powerful. It was awesome.

He then asked me what God wants him to do. I said to go to church to give his testimony and to accept Christ as his personal saviour. He said he’d do both. He asked me what he could do for me. I told him to testify that there is only one God who can do this and his name is Jesus Christ. He said he would share his testimony. When I left he was still celebrating.

He told me that his wife slept in another room for 8 years because he would scream himself to sleep every night due to the pain.
This is a condensed version. But God is beginning to use me more because I’ve been asking Him more. I had another situation a week prior to that where God used me to help someone, but it wasn’t quite as dramatic.
Anyway, all glory to the only God who heals, saves and delivers aka Jesus Christ. Besides Him, there is no other God! Amen!

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