Our Quantum Leap This Year

By the Lord’s wonderful grace, we have witnessed this year a quantum leap in the effectiveness and fruitfulness of The Elijah Challenge:

  • Last April the Holy Spirit spoke very powerfully through Lucille as she ministered to thousands of believers at Central Baptist Church in Belo Horizonte, Brazil. Senior Pastor Paulo Mazoni commented that they had heard “the voice of a mother speaking to her children.” She had never taught in such a way before in her 36 years of ministry.
  • The Elijah Challenge was taught for the very first time in strongly Buddhist Sri Lanka where the Church is suffering persecution. Approximately 500 servants of God and workers were trained to minister to the sick as Jesus did in accordance with John 14:12. Unusually many were healed during the meetings as confirmation of the Scriptures. Our host pastor who has a Doctor of Ministry from Westminster Theological Seminary in Pennsylvania declared that after having studied teachings on healing from the most well-known healing ministers in America—among them legendary names from the past—he found The Elijah Challenge to be the most scriptural and effective.
  • Our first-ever Retreat on the Holy Spirit was held August 8 to 10. Afterwards we received encouraging testimonies from the participants. We plan to hold this Retreat annually.
    On October 31 we will hold our very first Gala for the Gospel in India to raise funds for our already fruitful work in India through servants of God who have trained with The Elijah Challenge.
  • The video re-enactment of an dead woman in Indonesia coming back to life before a roomful of astonished Muslims as Elijah Challenge-trained disciples prayed was made available last July.
  • In India earlier this year, our Elijah Challenge co-worker Simon Haqq preached the gospel to a crowd of about two million people. He estimates that about one-half of them—or about one million people—raised their hands to accept Christ.
  • Pastor Albert Kang, Elijah Challenge Coordinator for Asia, estimates that he has personally witnessed between 5,000 to 7,000 miraculous healings in his ministry since he trained with The Elijah Challenge in 2005 and learned how to pray over the sick.
  • Malaysia-based servant of God Tee Joo Tatt has been appointed by Albert Kang as Elijah Challenge Coordinator for Nepal. Since training with us in 2006 he has been teaching The Elijah Challenge humbly and quietly both in Nepal each year and among the Nepalese working in Malaysia. The results in terms of miraculous healings following prayer have been phenomenal.
  • In August The Elijah Challenge was taught by Don Parbery of Gold Coast, Australia on Omega Man Radio which is broadcast worldwide over the internet. To our knowledge, this is the first time a disciple trained by us has taught on internet radio.
  • In July The Elijah Challenge was taught to 72 full-time servants of God in East Malaysia where the government is actively seeking to convert Christians to Islam. An unusual number of people testified that they were healed of infirmities during the event as the trained servants of God prayed over them—an encouragement to them to preach the gospel with boldness in such a hostile environment.
  • This fall for the first time we will begin training servants of God how to make disciples out of believers in obedience to the Great Commission.

We thank our gracious God and Savior for taking us up to the next level of effectiveness in training His servants to preach the gospel more effectively for the Great Commission. With great anticipation we look forward to ever-increasing fruitfulness for the Lord and His kingdom during this second half of our earthly ministry.

Thank you for partnering with us, dear ones!