“Our 2nd Feeding Event for April 2019 was in an remote unreached village called Danda located in the state of Punjab, India. This was the first time ever a gospel event was held in this village. This village had had only one believing family. After the Event around 180 souls were added to the fellowship. A new church has been planted.

Later Elijah Challenge-trained Pastor Mona Teji prayed over the sick. Just a few of the many testimonies of miraculous healing:

  • A lady with a severe spinal injury was miraculously healed.
  • A woman with an issue of blood was healed.
  • Someone who suffered from a severe headache for 3 years was healed.

Please pray for Pastor Mona Teji.”

Elijah Challenge Co-Worker in North India






Despite the tension from the nearby India-Pakistan conflict, 160 Punjabis accept Jesus Christ