Punjab, INDIA: 180 souls accept Christ in remote unreached village; Jesus heals many


“Our 2nd Feeding Event for April 2019 was in an remote unreached village called Danda located in the state of Punjab, India. This was the first time ever a gospel event was held in this village. This village had had only one believing family. After the Event around 180 souls were added to the fellowship. A new church has been planted.

Later Elijah Challenge-trained Pastor Mona Teji prayed over the sick. Just a few of the many testimonies of miraculous healing:

  • A lady with a severe spinal injury was miraculously healed.
  • A woman with an issue of blood was healed.
  • Someone who suffered from a severe headache for 3 years was healed.

Please pray for Pastor Mona Teji.”

Elijah Challenge Co-Worker in North India






Despite the tension from the nearby India-Pakistan conflict, 160 Punjabis accept Jesus Christ