Tom is a former free-lance journalist reporting for Time magazine, CBS News, UPI, AP & other news organizations and author of Rubbing Shoulders With Two Presidents by Trafford Publishing. It recounts his personal relationship with the first two Presidents of Indonesia, the fourth most populous nation on earth. Tom now lives in Bali, Indonesia.

On March 6, 2015, Tom wrote us from Bali:

“I’m coping with a host of health issues which make me have to stay in my rented apartment every day. The major one is of course the Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD). But I manage to control this by doing the things I mentioned in my first contact with you. These measures slow down the progression of my CKD. So this is not the one that causes me to stay home all the time.

The cause is Transient Ischemic Attack (TIA), or mini-stroke, caused by a narrowing of an artery on my left neck that brings blood to my brain. I got this when I lived with my son and his family in Singapore in 2012. The doctor prescribed cardio-aspirin to thin my blood and lovastatin to keep my cholesterol low. I came to live in Bali in January last year. Since May last year when I stand or walk I feel unstable and have the perception I might fall any moment. The neurologist sent me for an MRI scan, like the one they did earlier in Singapore. The result showed the same narrowing artery, so he asked me to stick with the aspirin and lovastatin. 

I need healing for my narrowing artery badly and The Elijah Challenge is my only source of hope in the physical realm of my life. Of course I depend on God and His Son Jesus in the spiritual realm.”

Healed in the name of Jesus Christ

It just “happened” that at the end of that month we were in Bali (of all places on earth) where Tom lives, visiting with our daughter. We went to visit Tom in his apartment who received us very warmly. The three of us laid hands on Tom’s neck and over his kidneys, rebuking the infirmity with authority and commanding him to be healed in the name of Jesus Christ. Then we told him to walk in the name of Jesus Christ.

Tom strode out the door of his apartment into the courtyard and walked around without any sign of the wobbling that had rendered him unable to leave his apartment by himself. After that he started up the stairs in the courtyard to the second floor. Normally he would have to cling to the railing step by step because if not he could fall. But he climbed the stairs briskly without touching the railing and without any of the instability that had confined him to his apartment since last May. Reaching the second floor he strode to the staircase on the other side of the apartment complex and descended the stairs at a normal pace again without touching the railing. After repeating this trip up and down the stairs effortlessly a second time, he raised his hands in the air in thankfulness to the Lord and declared that the Lord had healed him.

Received from Tom on April 26, 2015

“I [now] include walking up and down the stairs three times without holding onto the railing in the regimen of my walking in addition to calisthenic exercise every morning. I was at the bank last Monday and walked up and down the two flights of stairs to get to the second floor where the tellers are. The rider of the “ojek” (motorbike taxi) went up with me as he wanted to wait for me in a cool place with AC. He’s only 65 but had to hold onto the railing. He asked me my age. When I told him I’m 74 going on to 75 in 4 months, he was amazed.

Glory be to the Lord Who healed me miraculously through your ministry.”