Why do progressive liberals in America favor Islam and hate Christianity?


Regardless of the horrors committed by ISIS in the Middle East and the inhumanly harsh laws against sexual immorality in Islamic countries under Sharia Law, liberals in the United States refuse to criticize Islam. Instead they unceasingly target Christianity and the traditional values which it teaches.

Liberals see homosexuality, gay marriage, fornication, adultery, and abortion as modern lifestyle choices. Born-again believers of course see such acts and practices as sin in the sight of God, but while they may lift their voices they do not lift a finger against those who engage in them. But according to Shariah Law such things are worthy of extreme punishment. For example, homosexuals in countries under Sharia Law have been tossed from building rooftops to their deaths on the streets below. Nevertheless, liberals are reluctant to be critical of Islam publicly, but instead see peaceful non-violent Christians as their sworn enemies and say so unashamedly in public discourse.

What is the reason for such seemingly irrational behavior?

We can understand it by referring to what Jesus Christ said would happen during the last days.

Luke 21:17  Everyone will hate you because of me.

Progressive liberals today harbor a vitriolic abhorrence toward us because we teach obedience to what Jesus taught. In the gospels Jesus taught us to abstain from sin and to walk in holiness according to God’s holy commands. He taught us that there will be a day of judgment when each person will have to account to the most Holy God for what they have done while on earth. He taught us personal responsibility. Sadly, it is not well understood that He enables us to obey His commands by the power of His Spirit who lives in us. (On a side note, extreme prosperity preachers on TV add to liberals’ ammunition and give them reason to dismiss Christianity as hypocritical. Within Islam such prosperity teaching is not seen or heard, at least not yet.)

Therefore the chasm could not be greater between followers of Christ who seek to live holy lives and liberals who want the freedom to do whatever their nature and their flesh desire without being held responsible to a Higher Power. They hate us because of what we believe. They hate our Bible-based traditions which convict them, leading them to utterly reject us and our faith instead of to repentance. They hate us therefore because of our obedience to our Lord Jesus Christ. We are their sworn enemy. Jesus’ words above are being fulfilled: everyone is hating us because of Him.

Islam of course is the “enemy” of Christianity. And the enemy of my enemy is my friend. So we can understand why liberals cannot condemn the abominable practices of Islam.

Liberals cannot hate Islam because—even though they stand at opposite poles with the one espousing extreme license and the other extreme legalism—both are of darkness. Both hate us who are in the Light.