Praise the Lord that He is doing great things in our evangelistic Feeding Events.

Here are a few testimonies and photos from our Sepali Feeding Event:

A man named Ramadev was suffering from chest pain due to a motorcycle accident in which he was injured six months ago. From that day on he felt pain in one of his bones. But at our Feeding Event the pain left instantly, and the swelling also disappeared.



A gentleman named Prabhu Das suffered a lot in his life from various physical problems such as with his breathing, with eosinophilia, high blood pressure and heart disease. For the last few years he had been struggling with pain when breathing and with a heart condition. But at the Event he experienced something. He then took a deep breath, and moved here and there. He tested his heart, and there was no more pain. Praise the Lord he was completely healed. He testified that the day of our Feeding Event was a most happy day for him.


Prabhu is healed by the Lord


By Subodh Jena Kumar, Elijah Challenge Coordinator
Other Reports from Subodh

From time to time each year Jatin Kua would suffer from symptoms of malaria and typhoid. At our Feeding Event he was very weak. Whatever he ate he would vomit out. He was on a lot of frequent medication. When he finished his medication he would go and check his blood. But again the result would come out positive. He was very upset. Much of the time he would have a severe headache and feel nauseous. But at our Feeding Event he testified that he sat there for more than two hours, and did not feel anything. He believed that Lord Jesus had healed him in order for him to sit there for that long.


Jatin is healed by the Lord

Roni Rai was a college student. He had a small boil in his thigh which was painful. Because of the boil he was unable to ride his bicycle to school and could not attend classes for a week. The Lord Jesus touched him at the meeting. Both his pain and boil disappeared.


Roni testifying

In our separate Elijah Challenge Training Event, the President of the Baptist Convention of Kandhamal District was healed. Mr. Mandal had slipped and fallen when going to the bathroom in the middle of the night. He was not able to get up and thought that he had broken his back. But it turned out that he had only injured his back. And so he came to our Training event in pain. During the Training we ministered to him, and he was healed instantly. The pain was completely gone.


Ministering to Mr. Mandal

Mr. Mandal testifies he is healed

These days many servants of God are calling me regarding The Elijah Challenge Training. Praise God that the pastors and evangelists can take advantage of the Training in their ministries for the kingdom of God. Praise the Lord!


Feeding the villagers