“Praise the Lord for the amazing things He did at The Elijah Challenge Feeding Event held in a remote village. Our gracious God did wonderful miracles of healing and deliverance from demons just as recorded in the New Testament. It was another memorable Feeding Event.

While I was preaching the gospel to the villagers, lightning flashed in the sky already heavy with clouds. Seeing the approaching storm, a few people started to leave. So I announced with my mic in hand that as we exercise mountain-moving faith there will not be any rain until our meeting is over. I challenged them to believe it. The Lord was with us, and there was no rain until the meeting was over. Afterwards as we fed the people we were blessed with a slight drizzle while nearby in the distance we could see heavy rain. Our God is a mighty miracle-performing God. Below is a photo with the clouds over the area.

Around three hundred and eighty souls accepted Jesus Christ as their only Lord and Savior. With the additional funds provided we are now doing Feeding Events for more people with a bigger tent and a more powerful sound system. 



When the villagers saw the miraculous healings they came out and surrounded us, very curious to see what was going on.

A young girl named Sebika (below) was not able to see from childhood and had been carried to our Event by her grandmother. The Lord Jesus touched her and opened both of her eyes. She was able to see clearly, and testified to everyone that Lord had healed her. We tested her eyesight at a distance, and when she said that she could see the villagers were amazed. They had never seen such a thing happen before—and in an instant.



For two years a young girl named Mamali had been deaf in both ears despite treatment by doctors. At the Feeding Event our gracious Lord restored her hearing miraculously.



An incident took place similar to what is recorded in Luke 4. A college student named Raju was there. As I was ministering to others I noticed something unusual on his neck. When I removed the object from his neck, there was a demonic manifestation. He screeched and his entire body shook. I commanded the demon to leave him in Jesus’ name. Instantly he collapsed to the ground where he lay­ ­­for a few minutes as the demon left him.



An eleven-year-old named Khusabu boy had been completely deaf since birth. As we ministered to him, he started hearing for the first time. After a second time of ministry our mighty God opened up both ears and he could hear normally.



An older woman named Gurbari had a small stone in her stomach, suffering from pain for three months. She had been taking medication prescribed for her by her doctor. But the ­stone persisted. When we ministered to her she felt the stone move to her side. Again we ministered to her, and she could no longer feel it in her stomach. Praise the Lord.



An older man named Tapas had been suffering from shoulder and back pain. Our Lord Jesus touched him. He was very happy to experience complete healing in his body.



It was awesome to see the whole village accept Jesus Christ for the very first time. We are planning to arrange water baptism as soon as possible for the villagers.

Thank you for your intercessory and financial support enabling us to reach such unreached villages with the gospel accompanied by the evidence of Biblical miraculous healings.”

Elijah Challenge Coordinator in Orissa
May 2017