At the beginning of 2017 God did wonderful miraculous healings at The Elijah Challenge Training in the region of Nabarangpur. I had never been to this region and I had been trying to go there for the last four to five months. I came to know that hundreds of years ago Lutheran missionaries established a few churches, and that some Lutheran pastors were still there. They are not open to the ministry of miraculous healing. In our Elijah Challenge Training in Nabarangpur there were present other mission leaders and dignitaries like a college professor and an NGO Director. I was very glad to hear from one of the pastors and the college professor that they had never heard such teaching for the purpose of Church Planting. The professor was very impressed and said that the Training is a very important tool for reaching the unreached.



There are four districts around Nabarangpur, and so I am planning to conduct The Elijah Challenge Training in every district as soon as possible. After the Training I received a very good response from the servants of God who were present.

Sister Deep (below), a pastor’s wife, was injured along with her husband in a severe car accident last November (2016) while riding in a Mahindra Bolero SUV. There were even fatalities as well. Sister Deep’s hand was fractured, and her husband suffered a spinal injury. They were both hospitalized for several days. At our Training Event, she was not able to lift up her hand or move her fingers. As we ministered to her the Lord touched her powerfully. For fifteen minutes her hand shook from a “vibration” she was feeling. Her hand was completely healed. She demonstrated it by raising her hand and moving her fingers freely. Through tears she testified of her miraculous healing. Praise the Lord.


She can now move her fingers

She can also raise her hand


Pastor Robin (below) was unable to hear properly from both ears. Moreover, a few years back an insect flew into his eye and stung him. After that he could no longer see with that eye. He was poor and could not afford treatment for his eye. But our living God performed a wondrous miracle for him.  As we ministered to him the Lord touched him and both his hearing and eyesight were restored. He could both hear and see clearly. We tested him over and over, and he was indeed healed. Pastor Robin was so very glad and thankful to His Lord for the powerful miraculous healing.


The Lord restored Pastor Robin’s hearing and sight


A man named Mana Kishore (below) was suffering from a heart condition for a long time. At times he would even have difficulty taking a breath. He had been taking heart medication for long time. When we ministered to him at the Training Event the Lord touched him and healed him completely. We tested him by having him take deep breaths and having him walk here and there and back and forth. He was amazed to experience such a change in his physical body. Thank the Lord!



A man named Sanker had been suffering from arthritis for a long time, and needed to take medication with him everywhere he went. He had faith that the Lord would heal him. And as we ministered to him, the Lord healed him completely. He was very glad and joyfully testified that what his physician was unable to do was done for him by our Lord Jesus.


Set free from arthritis


A sister named Nirmala (below) had pain in her upper spine which rendered her unable to sleep. She had tried applying ointment as prescribed by her doctor but the pain persisted. As we ministered to her in Jesus’ name, she was instantly healed.  



A woman named Surabhi (below) suffered from an intense burning sensation in her body for a long time. Along with some pastors’ wives we ministered to her. Our gracious Lord touched her, and instantly the burning ceased as she experienced healing in her body.



January 2017 Report from The Elijah Challenge Coordinator in Orissa, India