The village of Quaidia is in Punjab near the Pakistan border

Director Joshua Gowda of The Elijah Challenge Training Center India wrote:

On June 13, 2008 we had our Elijah Challenge Evangelistic Feeding Event. The name of the state was Punjab, and the name of the town where I conducted The Elijah Challenge Training for the pastors was Bhatala. Near to this town is an unreached village named Quaidia where we conducted our Feeding Event. This is a Hindu village and there are also some Musl__ms who live in the same village. This village is close to the Pakistan border area (Wanga Border). A few Musl__m families also came to attend the meeting.

In Quaidia the total population is nine hundred and eighty-four people. Four hundred and seventy-six people came to the Feeding Event— more than half of the total population of the village. Close to four hundred and sixteen people gave their lives Christ. The Elijah Challenge-trained leaders want to bring the whole village to Christ. Pastor Simon Haqq and I stayed for four days in the village ministering to hundreds of people. Forty-seven new believers have been baptized in the same village. A very powerful Elijah Challenge church has been planted.

The Elijah Challenge-trained Pastor, Sabhar Masshi, is taking care of the new church. Please pray for these new believers in this village that they may be strong enough in their faith so that in the days to come the whole village of Quaidia may worship the Lord Jesus Christ.


Below: villagers come together to hear the gospel before the food is served


Below: Hindus give their lives to Jesus Christ as Pastor Simon Haqq preaches the gospel


This young man named Suraj Singh gave his life to Christ because his wife was in bed for more than three weeks. By faith he asked TEC-trained Pastors to pray for his wife. The Lord heard their prayers. After that he telephoned his mother who was taking care of his wife. His mother said “your wife just five minutes ago got up from the bed. She walked into the kitchen to cook something for you and children.” This young man is very happy to be a witness for Christ.

Meena came from a Musl__m background. She is testifying that she took her baby to many doctors and witchdoctors but nothing happened! She was invited to our Evangelistic feeding Event bringing her son who had been suffering for five days with intense pain in his body. Because of the pain her son was screaming and crying day and night. She decided in her heart that if her baby gets well she will give her life to Christ. The Lord touched her baby and she gave heart to Jesus Christ.

Savita was a newly-wed. But since her wedding day she never had a good night’s sleep because an evil spirit disturbed her every night. On account of that she slept during the day. When she heard about our Evangelistic Feeding Event, she came and joined us. TEC-trained Pastor Makkan Masshi ministered to her. At that time she felt something leave her body—the evil spirit—and she gave her life to Jesus.

Below: TEC-trained pastors and sisters healing the sick in Jesus’ name


Below: the Feeding Event


Below: forty-eight people are baptized in water


Below: Elijah Challenge-trained pastors


TEC-trained local Pastor Surat Masshi (center) and his wife