Orissa, the poorest state in India, is dominated by Hindus

Other reports from Pastor Subodh

“Dagon” falls before the Lord

“Let me share a significant miracle in Bhawanipatna yesterday. I am so thankful to God for using me; I am not worthy for such a miracle. My eyes are filled with the tears as I write this email to you. Our God is so gracious to hear our prayer.

The day before yesterday there was a slow wind and rain in the town of Bhawaniatan after seven or eight months of no rain.

A family was staying in a rented house in the town. In the evening there was slow wind and rain. Because of that one of the doors was opened which had been locked from the inside. The leg of a cot inside was broken. One sleeper stand which was kept outside somehow was found inside without anybody moving it. But nothing happened to the neighbors.

There is a big tree in front of this house. The Hindu people worship under this tree. All the people revere that tree because they believe there is demon power in that tree. The family was so afraid to stay there. They thought it was completely the work of the devil.

They could not sleep at all so they called me over phone and asked me to please come and pray for us.

I went there with my wife Rosy, After looking at the entire situation I understood it was the work of a demon spirit. We had powerful prayer for half an hour. After the prayer I commanded the demon to leave that house. We went home, and before we got back they called me and told me that one part of the tree had broken off completely. There had been no rain or wind. After fifteen minutes of our prayer a big limb of the tree had broken off.

Praise the Lord. They were astonished seeing this. Nothing is impossible for our God!”


Fallen limb from demonized tree being chopped up