Subodh Jena Kumar Reports

“Philemon Majhi, our Elijah Challenge-trained pastor in Gubel, shared with us about a miraculous healing. One of the believers there, a poor sister, had gone out to work with others. For the past several years she had been working on a road in a hilly area.

But one day a big rock fell on her knocking her out, and she lay unconscious on the ground for few minutes. She was severely injured. Other laborers immediately took her to a nearby hospital called Mahona seeking medical treatment for her.

The doctor there treated her and did some scans. He found that the sister had suffered from three broken bones, and determined that it was not possible for him to treat her at Mahona. He referred her to a bigger hospital called Berhampur.

Pastor Philemon and a few believers began and continued to minister healing at a distance to her in Jesus’ name [as Jesus ministered to the centurion’s servants in Luke 7], hoping that something would happen. Our gracious God miraculously healed her. The doctor at the smaller Mahona Hospital had determined from the scan that she had broken three bones. But at the larger Berhampur Hospital all the scan reports came back normal. Within a few days the doctor discharged her from the hospital.

All the villagers and Hindu road contractors were amazed and acknowledged that something miraculous had taken place.”

Orissa, India
October 2014