In May of 2008 my husband Dennis Deering was diagnosed with a very rare form of Pancreatic Cancer, Neuroendocrine Carcinoma.  On June 2, 2008 he had a 10 ½ hour Extended “Whipple” surgery where they removed 2 tumors, one in the head of the pancreas and one in the middle leaving only a small piece.  They also removed 1/3 of his stomach, some of the small intestines, the gall bladder, the duodenum, 18 lymph nodes and the biliary duct.  His amazing attitude, trust in the Lord and determination was a testimony to everyone who knows him.  During our hospital stay we walked the floors (part of his therapy) singing and praising God with all the scripture chorus’ we knew.  It was amazing how the Lord lifted us up and opened so many doors for us to pray for others on the floor.  He truly turned our mourning into dancing.  Dennis healed quickly and was able to return to work only 8 weeks after this surgery.  Throughout this past 7 years he has been able to witness to countless numbers of detainees from all over the world at his job, as well as his co-workers who say of him “he is the real deal”, when referring to his Faith in Christ.


In August of 2010 we found that the cancer had metastasized to a lymph node in the Pancreas close to the Portal Vein making it inoperable.  It then spread to a lesion in the liver, the hilum, lungs and stomach.  My wonderful, amazing husband has been battling this cancer for 7 years, continuing to Praise and Thank God every day.  He has gone through Gamma Knife, Nanoknife, Microwave Ablasion, various drug therapy’s that caused his feet and legs to swell two-three times their size, radiation that caused terrible vomiting and loss of taste for food and now has been told there are no more treatments available.  His oncologist told us to make sure his affairs are in order that he has months to live and not years.  He has lost so much weight that he almost looks like someone out of a concentration camp.   Still Dennis continues to believe our Lord for a miracle of healing.  We need the Lord to do a creative Miracle of Healing and to remove all cancer from his body.  We serve a mighty God who is able to do exceedingly, abundantly more than we can ask for even think.

Please join us in this battle for his life.  We believe the Lord still has a work for us to do.

Bonnie Deering
May 23, 2015