January 2014 Update from Pastor Subodh

“…Good news—about the children in our orphanage. Today afternoon Rosy went to their school and met with the headmistress. The headmistress of the school informed that our children are very disciplined and obedient. Two of our girls got top grades in their classes. Thank you and all our supporters for your prayers and support for these children. They are from a very remote village and now going to a town school, and scoring the top grades. This is the blessing of God. We hope our other children will do the same in the days ahead.”

The children visit us at the home of our host Pastor Subodh Jena

The orphanage: the home for the girls


Where the girls sleep

The kitchen

The kitchen sink

Vegetables planted by the children

The orphanage: a separate home for the  boys






Where the boys sleep


Where the boys’ caretaker sleeps

Evaporative cooling unit purchased to ward off the 45 degrees C. summer heat

Hand pump provides their water needs
Bathrooms in background left and right

Children wearing new clothing purchased by visiting Mission Team