Peter was trained as he viewed the 10-part videoHell’s Second Best Kept Secret
February 15, 2010

Reports from Peter & Modern Jesus Army

“An elderly Christian lady came for prayer, someone I knew for a while. A very genuine servant of the Lord. She had been having severe pain for a while in her right shoulder and said she couldn’t lift her right arm higher than her hip. After commanding the pain and the sickness to go she immediately said that “Wow, the pain is eased up and I can lift my arm”. But she could only lift it up to horizontal. So I told her about the fact that we’re moving a mountain so let’s carry on moving it. We commanded it again and it got completely restored, she was waving her arm around rejoicing saying “Oh, I haven’t been able to do this for a long time!”. I told her to stay in the victory and if the infirmity wants to return just command it to go.”

“Our campaign in London went really well. I took your advice on talking with Muslims, in fact I probably completely avoided the word Christianity in our conversations and deliberately referred to Isa instead of Jesus… I managed to see a real breakthrough, I prayed to God through Isa with about 6-7 Muslims and 2 of them sent me very good text messages afterwards, which indicates that something more and real happened in them. Both of them said that they would like to visit us and spend some more time with us.

The other interesting thing was that I have met at least 5 people who were converted to Islam (after some sort of Christian upbringing), but they felt unsatisfied and burnt out and wanted to leave their religion. They more or less said that life is not the same without Jesus – even though they probably never had a real encounter with the Lord.”

February 21, 2010

“We had a bigger meeting in Birmingham where at the response time I prayed for a brother’s painful knees and ankles and he said they got better immediately and the pain was gone. Of course the real test will be the next longer walk he takes.

I prayed for another brother called Bruce who is in a wheelchair. Bruce has barely anything right in his body. He has gone through a lot of pain in life, which left him tortured. He also had bone cancer and I had a real faith to remove it, so we took authority and commanded it to go. I will probably hear from him after the next hospital check results.

After this I told him that I haven’t quite got the faith for him to get out from the wheelchair, but strangely I wanted to pray for his left hand instead. He said that this made sense as he couldn’t move his fingers on that hand due to a dog bite some while ago. After commanding healing he started to move his fingers and within about 20 minutes he could move all the fingers and grip with them normally. Praise God!”