Reports from our trained Luke 10 harvest workers in India

“Last week we visited a couple of our new harvest fields in the district of Sundergarh, and taught our new believers. Praise the Lord for His church planting work which is going on so effectively. Last night we had our Elijah Challenge workers meeting. It’s really a delight to hear the field reports from our trained harvest workers; our gracious Lord is using them very powerfully. Their reports are extraordinary and very moving.  I’d like to share with you their reports. 
A man named Sachin from the village of Semina had been suffering from tuberculosis. When he coughed, blood would spew out of his mouth. Although he was under the care of a doctor, he did not get well. On Thursday our Elijah Challenge workers went to his village and ministered to him with the Lord’s power and authority. He was completely healed. His family accepted Christ after such a miraculous healing. 
After a man named Lilu Munda from the village of Mangaspur met with a severe accident, he had to spend three months recovering in a hospital. But the wound did not close up and became worse, almost like a cancer. Even after much medication the wound did not dry up. Our Elijah Challenge workers went to that village and ministered to him for three days. The Lord touched him, and he was completely healed. The family was astonished to see such a miracle, and accepted Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Saviour. 
A man named Bana from Badmal village had been cursed by sorcerer who had sent a demon to attack him. He was out of his mind, unable to talk or do anything normally. The family tried various treatments for him including seeing a doctor, but to no avail. The family also took him to a sorcerer who offered many sacrifices. But nothing worked. Then they heard about our Elijah Challenge workers, and summoned them. Our workers considered it a privilege, and went to Badmal to minister to Bana. Praise the Lord, within a week he was completely well. As a result, a few families accepted Christ in that village. Glory to God. 
In a village called Dhatu Tikra, there was a child suffering from sickle cell anemia. Every month the child had be given fresh blood. But he was very weak and sick almost all the time. Our Elijah Challenge workers ministered to the boy, and the Lord healed him miraculously. In this same village an elderly woman had been bedridden for four years following a stroke. The villagers all knew about her condition. When our workers were there, they also ministered to this elderly woman. Within a few days she was able to get up and walk around, although slowly. After a few weeks, she was completely healed. Praise the Lord, as a result 15 people accepted Christ. A fellowship has began there.    
In a village called Beheramal lived a young man who was very unstable and in fact mentally ill. Often he would wander here and there. At times his father and mother would resort to locking him up inside a room. But praise the Lord when our workers ministered to him, the Lord healed him miraculously and his mind was restored. The family accepted Christ. 
A woman named Doprati had lost her eyesight. She would need help just to get around. Her life was miserable. But when our workers went to that village and ministered to her, the Lord restored her eyesight. Nowadays she goes here and there all by herself, and no longer needs anyone’s help. 
An eight-month-old baby girl was suffering from a very bad case of malaria. Our workers went to her village and ministered to her. Thank God she was completely healed.”
Elijah Challenge Co-Worker in Orissa, India
April 11, 2019