Extraordinary reports from our harvest workers in India 

“Praise the Lord for the wonderful fruit of the harvest through our Elijah Challenge-trained workers!  

A few selected reports…

Naip Munda had a very odd-looking swelling in her cheeks. Being a young girl she was very upset. She had been to doctors but she did not get well. Our workers went to her village and ministered to her in her home. Within two or three days the swelling went down. She was miraculously healed, and looked normal again! She accepted Christ and shared her testimony with many other young girls in her village. 

In another village two sisters named Sunita and Prafulla were possessed by a demon spirit. As a result, both of them were causing a lot of problems. The family took them to a sorcerer who performed sacrifices and worshiped idols in an effort to deliver them from the demon. But the demon would not leave. So they were taken to a more powerful temple priest—who also failed to cast out the demon. They had spent a lot of money on the sorcerer and the temple priest. Finally they went to our workers and asked for their help. Our workers went to their village and ministered to the sisters with the Lord’s supernatural authority and power. The demon left. Both were miraculously delivered from the demon. As a result, three families accepted Christ.

Rama Bhati had a three-year-old son who was born with breathing problem. As a result, the boy was unable to run and play with other children. They were very concerned and had taken the boy to various doctors who were unable to help. They heard about our Elijah Challenge workers and asked them to come and minister healing to their son. Our workers went and ministered to him over three evenings after which the boy was completely healed. Both father and mother accepted Christ.   

In a village known as Behera, a young lady had suffered from bad dreams for a few days. A demon appeared to her in the dreams. After a few days, the demon suddenly entered and possessed her. It happened that in that village our workers had already planted a house fellowship/church. Her family called our workers to their home to minister to their daughter. The demon first argued with our workers for few minutes. But with much boldness in Jesus’ name they commanded the demon to leave her. The demon left.

For a year Shiva had suffered from a mental disorder. His family tried to help him by consulting with doctors, but to no avail. They could not control him. He would just leave and go wherever he felt like going. He would go here and there without informing anyone. Day by day his condition worsened. Then our workers came, and ministered to him continuously over a period of a week. After that his mind was wonderfully healed, and the entire family accepted Christ. In Shiva’s home there were many idols and items used in worshiping them. Our workers took them and threw them all into the jungle. All the family members accepted Christ. 

All the glory to God for His wonderful works!”

Elijah Challenge Co-Worker in India
June 2019