Orissa, the poorest state in India, is dominated by Hindus

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The infirm are healed & demons are cast out

We praise God for doing such good things for us and also for our brothers and sisters. He has done a great thing in our training program and it has impressed and impacted so many.

A few brothers called me and told me about how they were impacted by the teaching and applied it themselves to perform miracles on the mission field in the name of Jesus. We are so happy to hear all these things.

One of our brothers, Digambar Jal, said, “this teaching seminar was so helpful for me as I ministered to several people in different places of the District of Kalahandi. I had never taught or used this method but nowadays when I go for ministry or am invited to pray for someone, I just command in Jesus’ name. Just a few days ago, one man from a village called Narala was suffering from fever for three days. They called me to pray for him, so I went to minister him and commanded the fever to leave in Jesus’ name. Right afterwards he felt better and he was healed. Praise God.”

Brother Madhaba Khosala ministers in Therubali. He also called me and shared how God used him. One sister was possessed by a demon spirit. Her family is from a Hindu background, but they already knew that through the name of Jesus the demon spirit would run away. So her parents called him to minister to her. Our brother went to their house and ministered deliverance to her.

Brother Banchnidhi told me that those two days of training were really useful and so powerful: “Because of the Elijah Challenge method, today I can minister to the people in a new way.” He is so glad for having this kind of teaching.

We all rejoice and praise God for everything.