In Kurtumgarh we conducted The Elijah Challenge Training in a children’s home. Our Brother Rabindra invited pastors, evangelists, believers, and even a few Hindus with infirmities to attend. The Lord healed many infirm people during the course of the Training.



For three years a woman named Sunial was not able to see properly. At night she could not see anything, and during the day her eyes would tear. She had been taking various medications prescribed by doctors. At The Elijah Challenge Training she was miraculously healed. She testified (below) that her eyes were fine and that she could see clearly.



A grandmother, Sakuntala, suffered from severe back pain and was unable to bend her back. As a result she was not only unable to do any housework, she could not do any work outside on the farm. Since the family is very poor they could not afford medical treatment from a doctor or go to a hospital. But the Lord healed her miraculously at the Training.



A gentleman named Daniel had suffered much from gastric pain and headache for a long time. The stomach pain was severe and constant throughout the day. He had taken allopathic and ayurvedic medicine for months but they did not work. He was healed instantly from the pain in both areas of his body.



A woman, Surabhi, had pain in the lower part of her stomach for three months. She was thinking that something had lodged in her stomach with the heaviness she felt there. The pain disappeared miraculously in the name of Jesus, and she felt lighter in her body as the heaviness lifted. 



For three years an older man named Philip had been suffering from chest pain on one side due to a fall outside in the field. The Lord healed him completely as we ministered to him.



An older woman named Namita suffered much from a migraine. Being very poor she could not even afford medicine or painkillers. Praise the Lord Jesus touched her and she was healed. 




-December 2015