December 2013

“A pastor named Digal had attended The Elijah Challenge Training in Orissa. He ministered to a Hindu man who had hemorrhoids. He had suffered a lot and had spent thousands of rupees, but there was no relief. He was very upset. Pastor Digal shared the gospel with him and ministered to him. The disease left, and he was completely healed. They [he and his wife] were amazed and they believed on the Lord Jesus Christ.

There was also an old Hindu woman who had seizures. She had fallen down in various places. This disease is very difficult to be cured by a doctor. The pastor ministered to her and the Lord healed her miraculously. She testified in her home that the Lord Jesus healed her. She is ready to take water baptism.

There was a Pastoral Seminar at Bhubaneswar (the capital of Orissa) and there Pastor Digal shared with the other pastors how the Lord is using him after he attended The Elijah Challenge Training.”

-Subodh Jena Kumar