“Margot and I used what we learned in the Elijah Challenge Training in Chicago to minister healing to our Youth Pastor.  Pastor Justin had severe vertigo, probably as a result of an accident that he had when he was 17 years old. Last Wednesday after our mid-week service, Margot and I prayed over Pastor Justin in his study.  I “saw” two skull plates that were not properly aligned, slightly pinching on the flesh underneath one side of Justin’s face.  Margot felt the healing power of the Lord flow through her.  We did not know Pastor Justin had been healed until Sunday when he told us “I am vertigo free!!!”  He had tested the vertigo sometime between Wednesday night and Sunday morning by drinking a lot of caffeine—apparently something which usually brings the vertigo on.”

Tom and his son Joshua and daughter Margo attended the 2015 Chicago Elijah Challenge Training