“Early one morning an we received a telephone call came from a pastor named Joseph Majhi in the district of Gajapati [Orissa]. Through a sorcerer Pastor Joseph’s enemies had sent demons to attack his 18-year-old daughter Rasmita. A week earlier his niece had passed away after an attack by the same demon power. Then a week later the same thing happened to his own daughter Rasmita. She was not able to see or talk. Her condition was horrible. The family lost hope.

Then they called me. They were in their van taking Rasmita somewhere for treatment but did not know if she would live or not. They asked me to pray for her. They thought that Rasmita might die just as their niece had a week earlier. At that moment I asked them to put the phone by her ear as I ministered to her. While I was ministering to her her mind appeared to be gone.

After few minutes the pastor’s son called me to inform me that Rasmita was completely fine and that she had come to her senses. She could see and talk, and I spoke with her. I encouraged her to keep her faith in Jesus.”

-Elijah Challenge Coordinator Subodh Jena in Orissa

Reports from Subodh Kumar Jena