October 2013


Pastor Albert Kang is Coordinator for Elijah Challenge Asia and is based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. He is also an Instructor for the Haggai Institute. 

“During a break at the Haggai Seminar in Ipoh, Malaysia, a few participants asked for healing. A brother was healed of his back ailment as I laid hands on him. A sister with pain in her abdomen and back was being ministered to by a group of lady participants who were willing to exercise their mountain-moving faith. As they took heed of my instruction, they commanded the pain to go instead of praying. They applied the Kingly Authority of the Lord and this sister was completely healed in a couple of commands.

Another sister, who had attended one of our Elijah Challenge training seminars before, complained that her knee pain had returned. She was healed during the seminar but somehow it came back later. She had not been able to get rid of it since in spite of commanding with eager fervor. 

I explained that often times when when we try to minister healing to our own bodies using authority in Jesus’ name, there may be a degree of doubt that the healing will take place. This little seed of doubt can affect the healing result. It may be more effective if we ask another trained believer to command the pain to go on our behalf. 

[Editor’s note: While the practice of ministering healing to one’s own body in not found in the New Testament, the believer’s authority over disease and demons in the context of proclaiming the kingdom of God is taught in Luke 9:1-2. Ministering healing to oneself can therefore be considered a “side benefit.”]

I asked her to lay hands on her painful knees while I commanded the pain to leave those knees. The sister was healed instantly and even got up to skip around. What we learn from this is that when our faith is weak, we need to find one or two more fellow believers to add to our faith… and the miracle can happen.”