“God has done a great work in Vereka, an area near the capital city of Punjab, Amritsar. After the Crusade and the Elijah Challenge Feeding Event, we went to the many villages from where people had come to the Event. We took their names and addresses after they were miraculously healed by the Lord. 



Three hundred people from ten villages came to this Crusade. Our goal is to start fellowships in these ten villages. Through such Crusades we can reach multiple villages in a short period of time. In this Crusade about 250 people gave their lives to Jesus. These new believers are having us go to their villages to hold fellowships in their homes.



So very soon we are going to start new fellowships in these new villages.

Sukhvinder Singh had suffered from partial paralysis since he was 10 years old. He could not sit properly and walk without the aid of a walking stick. At our Event he was miraculously healed. 







Many people there witnessed the glory of God through this miracle, and gave their lives to Jesus Christ. Out of the 250 people who accepted Christ, forty were Punjabi Sikhs. One Sikh was healed from a heart problem. A woman named Amarjeet was healed from a tumor.



After the Crusade we began reaching out to the several villages from where people had had come to attend the event.”





Report submitted by Elijah Challenge-trained and supported Pastor in Punjab, India
October 2016