Simon Haqq & Hanok Masih conduct Elijah Challenge Feeding Events in India
March 2013

The Elijah Challenge in India

The Lord opened a door for us to enter the villages of Bihar. Our Feeding Event
cum mini village crusade was conducted in a village called Samistipur. Our host pastor Sohan Paul who had attended our Elijah Challenge Seminar in Dheradun was keen on inviting us as his church had only 5 members coming.

Just two days before our meeting a Hindu priest had his meeting there. We had three days of meetings. On the first day 80-90 people came, all from a non-Christian background. Every single person stood up to receive Jesus as their Lord and Saviour. To our surprise the next day the crowd doubled. And the third day it grew to over 300. Approximately 400 or more people accepted Jesus as their Saviour. We were having morning and evening meetings.

There were many outstanding miracles. Pastor Sohan ministered to a crippled girl. Her father had so much faith that he had her sit among the children in the front. At the altar call people were standing up to receive Jesus. The children were also standing up. The little girl also tried to stand up, but she failed in her two first attempts. However, the third time she stood up by herself and started clapping. The news of this miracle spread. Our host pastor told us many more people came to be healed in the morning.

The good news is that Pastor Sohan now has 10-15 visitors every Sunday. There were other miracles like a cataract vanishing, and a boy with growths in his body in different places was completely healed.

-Hanok Masih, Elijah Challenge Coordinator for India